Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Spot at Siem Reap (Night Time)

After a long day of walking at Angkor, pamper yourself with khmer message. For only USD10 per hour. There are very good and relaxing. I love the first messager that we went. The second one was not good and make my body feel more pain.
Khmer performance dance + buffet. There are several buffet dinner severing at a price of USD 12 for buffet dinner and live performance dance. The second buffet have move choice of food. And it was very near our hotel. Just beside. After they perform, the dancer will stand on the stage and you can quickly snap some photos with them.
Old market night scence. There are selling dryed food, such as snakes.....

Pub Street is a happening place at Siem Reap at night. Various foreign restoran and pubs are all located here. Angelina Jolie’s hangout at "the Red Piano" when she made the Tomb Raider movie. Which made it so famous there.

Busy streets behind of us are full of pubs and restorans.

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