Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Phnom Bakheng (Bakheng Hill)

Phnom Bakheng is the first temple-mountain constructed in Angkor. We wanted to visit at the first day of our Angkor Trip but it rains heavy at the evening. On the second day, it rains too at the afternoon. We try our luck and see if we would see the sun set of Angkor Wat on top of the hill.

You can either climb the hill or have an elephant ride. Climbing up is just 30 minutes. Elephant ride up is USD15 and elephant ride down is USD10.
Resting at half way.
But when you reach the temple, we still need to climb up those stairs to reach the temple. Really need to be young to climb like that.
Finally on top of the temple. Beautiful view on the top. Althought not very clear(after the rain), but yet still beautiful. The tiny tip far behind the forest was Angkor Wat. If you have a DSLR, maybe the Angkor Wat snap shot will be more clearer.

We waited and waited, more then 1 hour. But couldn't see the sun set. Too bad. Its darker and darker as the sun sets. We quickly climb down. Its a bit dangerous to walk down without lights at the hill path. So make sure you climb down before the sun is down.

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