Tuesday, October 21, 2008

East Mebon, Ta Phorm, Preah Khan

Now the second day on Angkor Town. But the third day at Siem Reap.

East Mebon
East Mebon is the earlier structure of building. This is a three-story temple-mountain crowned by five towers.The building is made from brick while those building we saw at Angkor first day was made from Big Stones. Many structures are in poor shape. The carving are less noticeable because they are carve at those bricks.

It was located on an island originally. Here is where they park their ship and enter the temple.
The temple is best known for its massive (restored) elephant statues.
Ta Phorm
Ta Phorm is another temple. It's beauty of the building temple is there are there have huge, huge trees among an on top of the building. We can see big huge roots lying on walls.

Preah Khan
Preah Khan is another building this is quite similar design compare to Ta Phorm,in the meaning that alot of roots are conquering the building. The temple is still largely unrestored. The free-standing statues have been removed and kept at musuems.
Here is the long way path towards the building. Besides are stones with missing buddha. All the buddha has been dig out when the king changed and the religion change as well. They dig every stones with buddha faces out. It is a large area, see how deep the path of roads. The building on the left is the place where the king keep his sword. And the opposite is his administration building.
At the front gate: 2 Statue without heads. The one on the left is holding a sword.

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