Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Spot at Siem Reap (Day Time)

Anywhere to visit in Siem Reap at Day Time besides Angkor? Yes there is some.

Before that, let me talk about some transportation we used.

For those days we follow the tour guide, the tourism company rented a mini van for us. It was very comfortable and easy to move around. We can decided which location to skip and to walk slower at certain area. But the price is abit expensive. But for those location such as Banteay Kdei which is very far (30 minute drive). Everyone can have a nice nap at the van.
We have 2 day free and easy, tuk tuk cars (taxi) is an alternative transport for visitors. They charged us USD3 for taking us to from our hotel to the central market and to the cultural park (near to our hotel). And good exprience on sightseing the whole town.

Walking around the road side which is quite fun. Stop by and have some sugarcane.

The Largest man build lake at siem reap. Very huge.
Another large lake, build by those ancient people for bathing purpose.

Another spot you can spend at day time, which are the central market and the old market. Will talk them more later is another post.

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