Friday, November 07, 2008

Clear stamps

These are what I brought from Debbie at her online shop - crafty heart last week. I always wanted to try on some clear stamps and she offers clear stamps for RM5.50 each. A good try on someone like me, just want to try on clear stamps and won't want to spend so much in the initial stage. I try all of the clear stamps and I can admit that some I couldn't carve those at my own. Too detail and fine lines.

The acrylic blocks 3 inch x 3 inch was just RM18. So cheap compare to craft shop selling out side. I bought some flowers too to try on my cards. And she was kind enough to sent me a pack of FREE ribbons. Thanks Debbie


babeyblue said...

hi,first visit to your blog!
you really love craft works..
and you are a libra too..

ivy said...


phatelara said...

Hi Ciyou, thanks for linking back to Crafty Heart! :) I'll feature you on CraftnSwap soon! :)

Debbie @ Crafty Heart

aileen :: motu said...

wow it's really a good bargain. it seems like there are a lot from variety over in your country than HK. it's very hard to find such nice goodies... or if the shops have them, they would be quite expensive!

Ciyou said...

Thanks babeyblue

Ivy: 我也希望可以刻到这个境界~~

debbie: you sold those craft stuffs are really cheap, looking forward for more clear stamps, especially chirtsmas ones

Aileen: I more envy you all at HK, can buy japan stuff easy and cheaper then here. Plus HK is so near to Taiwan and there have alot DIY materials

Ying Pang, said...

you have started your cardmaking journey, ciyou! so glad!! Looking forward to your creation.


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