Monday, November 03, 2008

Blogger Tag Cloud

Category/ Tags are the most quickest way to find a relevent topic you are interested in. The tradisional label in blogger is abit boring. They can only have a list of tags that you tag on your post. Besides that, if your number of tags are alot, it takes up a whole lot of vertical space.(which applies to me, on the lhs is just part of my categories).

I read thru some web designing website saying that this tag cloud is an popular widget in a blog. It looks short as it displays on a paragraph.

Inside the cloud tag, you will see it consist of different font size. The bigger the font size is, the more post on that category on my blog.

Now the category section looks more tidy.

Well, I am not a genius and I didn't write them by myself. I search it online and found this side which is very easy to do, just follow the instructions on Code for New Blogger Tag Cloud / Label Cloud from phydeaux3.

After you enter those codes on the correct place, you can customise your the font family, colours and font sizes.


View Cindy's Crafty Bites items here. said...

This is really helpful, thanks!! :)

ichigonad said...

Wah ... I made it work too ... :P

Ruben Zevallos Jr. said...

Very nice solution... thanks for the tip


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