Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bird cage & crystal lights

Last weekend I went to Mid Valley/ The Garden twice, both Saturday and Sunday. TS drop me there at Saturday while he went to work. I didn't have a good shop at Saturday as my stomach was not feeling so well. And I feel very tried.

I love this stage alot. It is located at The Gardens. I always love the crystal lights like this and especially black crystal lights. And the cage looks perfectly beautiful, vintage and classical. I always love those europe style white wire cages accesories storage, like this, this and this. It looks like heaven to me.
First day I went to Art Friend. Spend money again on some supplies (promise not to spend on supplies but they are just too irresistable). Sunday I meet up with my friends Agnes and Gianni. We meet online by random and I was glad that we meet up. We share ideas, thoughts on our hobbies and crafts. I took them to Art Friend too. Both of them was happy as she found what they needed.

It was my first time taking KTM and I must say that I was glad that I don't need to take KTM daily. KTM was terrible. Air con was not functioning. The train is very pack. Many different "smells" inside. Plus it is so slow.


Agnes Sim said...

wow...so fast wo. I plan to upload our photo 2molo. Nice to meet you. ;-)

TH said...

ktm haha... have not take for a few years


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