Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bird ATC (Sent)

Second round of ATC Swap at Cari. This time the theme is Birds. Owl are included in the category of bird too.

I wanted to have different try on my birds atc, but abit lazy to think 8 different design, so I did 4 design. Each design 2. Some of the 2 design are not so similiar.

I actually recieved all my ATC from my partners. But night time is too dark to snap pictures on it. Will snap pictures at the weekend.


aileen :: motu said...

i love birds too!

giannigoh said...

Nice job. I love the owl that u gave to me. Thanks !

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

cute, cute, very cute ler!

Neway, nominate another award for you..haha

Here :

Have fun putting them all 3 including your previous ones up :)

See you on 6 Dec 08!

life-muses said...

cute and lovely! :)

Agnes Sim said...

nice bird ATC! I hope can get one also. hehe ;-)

my.firstSkizze said...

just cute...& adorable :p


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