Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Been eating bread for almost a week. Still not feeling well from last last saturday. I don't feel like eating economy rice. Everytime I eat that, I can feel my stomach painful. Whenever I eat bread, it won't happen. Maybe because too tension at work? First I ate whole loaf of Gardinia Toast'em Raisin bread, but became bored. I love Subway breads but it will be slight costly if I eat them everyday. So I decided to make my own sandwich. I just buy some lettuce, tomato and tuna and this delicious sandwich is done.
Hope to recover soon. So I can eat Nasi Lemak soon. Miss them.

Saw this cute Cat soft toy from Marks & Spencer at KLCC, there even have a rabbit online too. Just way too cute


giannigoh said...

Must takecare. Outside food not so healthy, sometime got time also can cook yourself, more healthy and enjoyable. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks good!

Agnes Sim said...

wow... still feel not well oh. Quite long time liao le. Take care oh!!

aileen :: motu said...

yes pls take care of yourself!!! take it easy at work!!

Sing Yee said...

Hey... Haven't visited for quite some time. Home-made sandwiches are the best, especially tuna sandwiches. I ate them every day during my first semester at uni. -_-" Still not bored of it. :P I think cucumber goes very well with tuna sandwiches. :) And for added nutrition, always add a hard-boiled egg *mashed* with mayo. Mmm-mmm.... :9

I agree that economy rice can sometimes be to 'rich' for the stomach.

Hope you get well soon. Tummy aches are no fun. :(


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