Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vietnamese Kitchen @ Food Court, Pavillion

Walk a long 20 minutes just to go an pass the standard chartered credit card point redemption form ended up couldn't pass as the standard chartered building beside pavilion is not a branch, just a building. Sigh~~

Was tired and hungry and just went to Pavilion Food Court. Wanted to eat the tepanyaki, but will too crowded, plus abit high price for just a lunch.

Walk and walk, just don't know what to eat.

Suddenly stumble upon this Vietnamese Kitchenand I ordered Lemongrass Chicken Chop and I just order. I'm scare on trying new food. But to my suprise it was quite good, the Chickhen have it own spice and with the sause, it is very good. The vegetables are those appitizer which some how makes me eat more. Not sure if I was hungry or it was tasty, I finish all the food on it.

Some friend told me at Pavilion there is a lot of good food, but the price is not so cheap. But worth it to try if its a good tasty delicious food.

Look how beautiful I am?

How I wish I have these beautiful dress in my wedding.
They really design beautiful theme of dress for each ocassion. Click here to play.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm just crazy on Blythe this few days. Searching high and low on it.

I came across and know Blythe on flickr and some blog/shop selling blythe cloths. That time I wasn't that crazy on it. I will just look thru and maybe give so comments on it.

Don't know seen when, I started to slowly and slowly like them and until now I think I start to love them (which means trouble). Trouble in the meaning that I might buy one for myself.

Start searching on wikipedia, forum, google, malaysia website on blythe. And just know that a stardard 12 inch Neo Blythe at least will cost RM380 (RM380 just for a toy? Too much liao gua!!) and 4 inch Petite Blythe will cost start from RM100++. At first I was thinking on getting just a Petite Blythe 1st, but when I see the comparison on the Neo and the Petite, I think the Neo is much worth the price. Plus I can only do clothers for Neo coz the Petite is way too small. If limited edition will be much more expensive.

I started to search in Singapore website - thinking of my sister is staying there, she can help me buy. I saw dollz Inc, and where to buy in Singapore. And searching on Japan website, Junie Moon , junie moon online shop, - a friend of mine is staying there, maybe ask her to take back when she come back to Malaysia. Other website on buying blythe -blythedoll,

If really buy from Japan, starting price will be RM250++, RM100 cheaper then buying here in Malaysia, but the price RM380 is because of the shipping and tax and the rental of the shop. I know of course.

After reading on forums & website, I just know some collectors really spend $$ on these dolls. some can collect more then 30 neo blythe and some can buy a limited edition blythe cost USD$2500. Wao~~ just salute those gals~~ You need to earn alot just can spend like this.

I was so anxious that I went to Time Square to look for it on shops to have a real look on the toys rather then looking online. I manage to find the shop. I just saw a Pullip and can't find any Blythe on the shelf. I ask the girl and she say the latest one was sold out. She even ask for me other branch and all of them sold out also. I was a bit shock that such on expensive toy also can be sold out are. Meaning this toy is very popular and people are willing to spend $$ on it.

Maybe it is just a process~~ Later cool down liao will think worth or not to buy.

IE7 Feed not updating?

Everyday I will read my feeds on the IE7 feed section. Every morning when I reach the office, I will refresh all the feed and see which one is updated. I find it very useful when you have tons of feed/blog to read everyday.

This few days, those blog I usually read seems like no new post (If using IE7 feed, it will bold the title whenever there is a new posting). I was thinking, maybe those people are just busy and no time write blog (like me, need to curi write blog at office).

Mana tahu, aiyo~~ i miss up alot of new post. Dam~~ why the IE7 Feed is not working? #$%^&*

Tomorow have lots to read then.

I'm just abit tired on my job now. I'm the only IT person there, as it is a new company. Everything I need to learn by myself, reading thru tons of websites, asking at forums. I miss those days where you have senior to ask from. I want to find a more specific job task rather then need to do everything. I don't really like programing that much, I told my boss that I would rather go into SEO and online marketing in state (this I also learn myself ) and I don't want to learn more in programming stuffs as I think its so much headache too me.The new project requires using Phyton (what the heck is this), Ruby (stone? no la, scripting language again), and other CMS that i never heard before. I'm until and extend that I don't know how good I am in SEO or to say that how bad I am in programming.

I love this job as it gaves us full flexibity on working hours. No OT which makes me have more time for myselfs.

What shall I do?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

colorful stamp ink pads, fabric stamp ink pads

I love stamping, but I just don't like those normal black, blue, red stamping pad which are available at the market.

Started to hunt and seek for stamp inks. When you are anxiously to find it, you can't find it. But when you are not very serious on finding it, it will pop up at your sight. Strange!

Recently have a visit to 1-Utama Craft Haven, finally manage to get stamp ink pads for fabric. I think this brand - Versa Craft is better as it can use for paper, wood and fabrics. I love zakka colors so I choose chocolate and pink as I love the colors.

Here are brands of stamping inks I have
1. Versa Craft - for paper, fabric, wood, etc...
2 Rm1.90 from living cabin - for paper
3. Stamping pad from a stamping set - worst quality
4. Versa Color - for paper

Done a test on those stamp ink pads as I wanted to know how it was after it was wash. Higher price stamping pad have higher quality on the density of the colors. Those cheap price stamping pad sometimes the color like not full enough. But you won't see the difference between them when you stamp in on paper. Thats why I grab another 4 more cheap stamping pads that day.

LHS is before washing with water and RHS is after washing with water.

See most of the color faded. So if you need to stamp on fabric, make sure you use those stamp inks for fabric.

Monday, June 23, 2008

LAck of energy

Lack of energy and creativity this few weeks, I just manage to flip thru my craft books, and not going down in hands to do any craft recently.

Just don't know what to start. I wanted to use my sewing machine, but just so lazy to cut those fabric patterns. I wanted to carve, but haven't manage to buy the carving block (can't find them in Malaysia). Wanted to do clay, but was stuck on the glossy cream problem. Just when I want to start to do something, and thinking that I have problems or missing in some materials, I kinda just piss off and not doing anything.

As usual, went to stock taking at saturday. Brought alot of belt this time. Some colorful belts and a shining blinking belt that was quite costly. But it was a 1st diamonds sparking belt I have.

And some cute colorful hair pins, but abit to childish I guess.But just irresistible

Went for movie at the saturday evening, TS didn't remind me that we are going for a movie as I wear short hot pants for the movie. Was so cool, but a great movie - Increadible Hunk makes me not feeling that cool.

Sunday was awake by the donation people to come and collet my old TV. Manage to donate the TV, a monitor, some computer hardware stuffs, boxes, magazine. They come too fast and I forgotten to ask them to take all of the old magazine of my house. But they manage to clean up some junk from my house. Sometimes I feel like just donate to those people rather them sell to the newspaper person.

Monday blues again~~ not feeling like working.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comfortable shoes

As I was injured on my foot early of this month, I hardly can wear any high heels, I'm wearing this Grendha Sandals that I brought early this year. This sandals is very lasting as it last already 6 months

Wanted a new shoe that I can wear stocking with. So went to Sungai Wang and manage to grab this sandals, just a classic one.

Once a while I will return to the place I buy the Grendha Sandals and have a look for new shoes and I kind of love this one -Grendha Vanilla. Plus maybe getting Crocs Prima as my mum have a Crocs beach that is very comfortable. But Crocs shoe are just way to high for my budget.

I'm now seeking more in confortable shoes rather then those good looking shoes which cause foot pain.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Malaysia Passport @ Sri Rampai

Today I went to do my passport at Sri Rampai. Consider quite fast already. I remember the 1st time I need to reach at 7am at the morning, lining up before the gate opens. But this time reach there at 8.45am. After I park the car, there are a lady asking us if you want to take photos or not? Do you have photocopy of your IC? Do you have the form? They will ask everyone which pass by the conner. I have been ask for more then 5 times.Even when I finish and walk out from the immegration office, they will still ask. I think the photo shop give them commision on doing like this. But it is better to do it before you go there, everything is much more expensive.

Prepare this before you go. Other requirements can refer here.

1. 2 passport size photos
2. 1 Photocopy IC
3. Application form - download online and print on both sides of 1 page. 2 pages forms are not acceptable. Or buy the form there for RM1
4. Old passport
5. RM300 (32 pages) /RM600 (64 pages)
6. Your IC

I reach there at 8.45pm, they directly ask me to counter 1, submit my completed form, photocopy IC, photos, took my IC, give me a number and ask me to wait for payment.
Wait 5-10 minutes, my turn to pay and give me the resit. Need to wait 1 hour upon collection of my passport. I when to have my breakfast and came back at 9.30am. The numbers sometimes jumped. I don't know if I have jumped, because until 9.45am, I saw the number before me, after me have appear, but why not mine. Waited until around 10am and I recieve my passport.

I think if you go earlier, maybe you will recieve it earlier.Because when I reach already quite a number of people already.

But overall consider Fast.

Sri Rampai Immigration Address: Aras 1, Wisma Rampai, Jalan 34/26, Taman Sri Rampai, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 4142 3449
Fax: +603 4142 3578
Opening time: 7.30 am to 5pm Monday to Friday. No open at Saturday

Japanese Buffert @ Eyuzu, EASTIN Hotel

Last saturday, we went to have Japanese Buffet with Hoo to celebrate his birthday was at 9th June. Or may be its a friends gathering then.

This restaurant - Eyuzu is located at EASTIN Hotel, from the website, I see they write that foods are imported directly from Japan. Wao~~ should be nice I think.

Buffet starts at 6.30pm, we arrrive at 7pm, others of my friend start 2nd or 3rd round of the buffet. So me & TS start to look for foods to eat.

This pot is on each person table. I thought it was green tea, my friends even told me it was a place to wash your hands. Don't know why have a lemon slice on top of it. IT is actually soup. Funny why they put on a tea pot with a lemon slice on top?

See what I eat there. Baby octopus (huge), much more larger then we eat at normal restoran. Jelly fish and mini eggs salad.

Teppanyaki fried vegetables and mushrooms

Cheese baked oyster (Taste excellent), Unagi (my favorite, I have eat alot) and squid rows.

Tepanyaki squid, prawn, chickhen and beef. All very tasty. The seafoods are fresh and the beefs taste great.

Fresh Oyster taste good. Salmon are in thick slice, and alots of sushi too. I eat only 1 sushi as rice is filling.

Mini fried cards, nice and cute snacks

Deserts and cakes

I love this mango alot, taste delicious.

Plus we additional order sake. They say need to drink when it is hot, but I love it when it is not that hot.

There are lots more, like ice-cream - the green tea ice-cream taste nice. Ice kacang, shark fin soup, all the tempura, monchi, fruits, even mangosteen is at there...

Overall it was a wonderful meal. Not much choice of food. All of the food are japanese. But all the foods are tasty, fresh and delicous. Worth the price we are paying for. It was RM68++ for saturday buffet dinner, but we add sake, so it is RM78++. But citibank credit card bank holder have additional 20% discount on total bill including tax and service charges. So ended up only 5% discount.

Later we when to sing karaoke at Neway 1-U. Wao~ usually when I go with my family, 1 person will sing 1 song, or the most 3 person, but this is like rojak karooke. All people sing at one time. You know la, those guys like shout until I cannot hear my voice from the speaker also. But everyone was enjoying and having fun. We sang until 4am and was exhausted. I slept on my way home.

For one a while, I think its a good idea to gather friends around to eat and play.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kawaii finding

Yesterday have an early leave from office for out hard work on letter packing for the whole day.

When to pay my credit card bills and Masjid Jamek. Was just so lazy to walk back to the LRT station to go to PEtaling street and I decide to walk from Masjid Jamek to Petaling Street. Surprisingly I follow a girl who is walking and she did some short cut and very fast I got to the place I wanted to go.

I was planing to seek some swap materials for the FAALP candy theme. I couldn't find any fabric or ribbon here, so I guess I might have to find other stuff on this theme.

Living Cabin was my favorite place to get cheaper cute stuff compare to Kino. I manage to get what I want for the FAALP swap, but I manage to get some cute rubber stamps and stamp inks too. I love the cupcakes , butterfly and the face expression the most. There are just so cute. I can't carve until this thin so I decide to just buy them back.

The blue one on the top is the stamp ink from the rubber stamp set, and the dual color stamp ink is just only RM1.90. Dam cheap. Sometimes when thing is just too cheap, I will start to doubt the quality of the things. So I dare not buy alot, as there are other colors, so I buy one back to try the quality.

Color wise no much difference, but one thing not good on these stamp ink is it cause stain on my rubber stamp while those branded RM6.90 per stamp ink will not have this problem. But I think I will grab more on my next visit as the color effect have no much difference.

Looks yummy right? I thought it was clay, but it was erraser. Finally manage to get this in Malaysia, I am not using them for erraser purpose but maybe for my craft... Hehe.

Heaty Bak Kut Teh

I usually don't like to eat Bak Kut Teh, but NTS do love it very much.

Last night I went to Petaling Street. Due to some time constrain, we decided to eat the Bak Kut Teh near there as they serve very fast. The soup was looks thick but not as that strong smell nor taste.

But strange thing happen, after a bath at home and washing my hair, I feel massive headache. Just so pain and dizzy. I thought it was just my problem, but NTS feel that too when he wash his hairs. So I quickly go to bed.

At the morning, I still can smell bak kut teh smell on my mouth, I feel so heaty, so uncomfortable. So thristy. Like something hot buring on my body. Everytime eating Bak Kut Teh at KL will be like that at the next day. But that day at NTS hometown, after eating I won't feel thirsty, I won't feel heaty. Does this mean KL Bak Kut Teh put alot herbs and ajinomoto in their soup? Why I feel unconfortable after eating them??

Monday, June 09, 2008

甜蜜 Sweet

他跑了出来,看了看我,就坐在我的身旁,两个人,帖的很近,拿起我的手,帮忙我在搓。 还说我是个大小孩,玩到整只手都是。

That day, I played with the silicon, until my whole hand was cover all with silicon. I was not able to clean it off, neither water. No choice but to try oil (Because last time when we eat nangka, it will have this sticky feel and my mum will ask us to clean it with oil). But this didn't work for the silicon too. My hands are now oily plus sticky. I waited it to abit dry and start pealing and rubing it off.
He was hungry and rushing me to go for a quick snack downstairs, I become more nervious and started to rub harder and harder but seems like there is still a big part to rub. I started become moody.
He came out, saw me, sit beside me, 2 person was near to each other, take my hand, and start to help me rub my hand. He was so detail and help me on every small part of my hand. He laugh at me and say me as a like child, play until the whole hand.
The whole process was very sweet, I was glad in my heart. Guys doing this small small things will really made a girls heart pumps quickly.
When a relationship is long, many say that there is no spark and excitement, but sometimes, when a men did some small action like this, it makes some spark in a relationship.

**Sorry on my bad translation, I just don't know how to express my feelings in English

Friday, June 06, 2008

Football for ladies

Any ladies out there play football??
Yesterday I saw some girls playing football at the field beside my condo, the way they kick is just like ... soft.

Today I pass by, see the same girls but today add one coach guy teaching them to play. Look like they are quite serious oh..

Football to me are rough games. Remember at my previous company, those matt salleh are like crazy on the football field. Some will ended up have a butt ache or an panda eye at the end of the game. They are extreemly rough. They say if that B guy wants the ball, everyone else should go away unless you want yourself to get hurt. Crazy. Why want to play until that rough mer?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol~ Why increase again

Why petrol always increase?
From today onwards, from RM 1.92 to RM 2.70, increase by RM0.78 cents per liter.
I think this was the worst increament for the past few years.
The traffic at the petrol station was terrible.
I not the one paying the petrol, I wasn't that panic while my bf rush to the petrol station to pump a full tank too.
What I am worry is that after the petrol increase, others thing will increase sooner or later, those food, raw materials... will increase and they will tell you that because the transportation fee have increase.
Malaysia is a oil production country, why it is still so high, see the comparision here about the Gas Price on Oil Producing Countries

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

fruity clay necklance

Manage to do some necklance and some handphone accessories (I love some) for the shop while I have my feet injure. I still work from home, just that I did it after I finish my office work.

Hopeful these will sell.

It seems like I only know how to do fruits and foods stuff from clay only. I try to do other things than clay which ended up not cute or kawaii. Need to find a sifu in this area.

All 5 of them. click picture for a larger view. Sorry on the bad photos.

Every necklace I have my personalize tag for each necklance. This pendant consist of dark chocolate cookie with cream and slice of kiwi fruit plus some strawberry mashmellows.

Classic pendent with dark cream and strawberrys

This is with strawberrys with its leafs. Will leave this with me.

Final one is whip strawberry cream with kiwi and strawberry on it. Plus a dark chocolate heart shape with a gliter on it.

Handphone accesories will snap those pictures tonight.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

2 days after the injury

This is my feet after 2 days. When I remove the cool medicine from my feet, I still see bruise and bengkak on the top left of my left feet. Sigh~

Need to go to the clinic again. And cost me another RM45 for the treatment. Wrapping like a dumpling again and this time able to unwrap it tomorow morning.

Pray hard it will recover soon, else need to waste money again.

It wasn't that bad that I receive the 3rd fruit lucky parcel from the posman. Thank god I'm at home, else need to drive to the post office again to get this parcel as it was a register mail. I love the red cherry on top of the package, seems like I can make some craft things with the red cherry, let me think think...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Injury feet

I just walk at roadside beside some shop houses and just got hook on some hole with water meter and just got myself like this.

Didn't thought it was that serious, but is still continue pain after 1 day whenever I walk. The actual position is at the area above my 4th toe. I can see bruise on that area and when I touch, it is extreemly pain. If I leave it, it will recover, but slower and might have side effects. So decided to seek medical help from tradisional chinese doctor. I don't beleive that normal doctor can help me alot on this. Remember last time the doctor just see see and wrap a bandage for me. (Aiyo, I also know how to wrap, no need to pay for you to wrap la). Chinese medical doctor will tell help you have light message and ended up I was wrap on my feet with smelly chinese herbs medicine. Every 4 hour I need to pump in white wine on my wrap feet. Funny ~~ why white wine?

Chinese medication have so much cannot eat food, see this clinic have a do-not list. So many things have to avoid eating at this period.

Tomorow I can un-wrap from this huge ugly bandage from my feet. Hope I can walk without much pain.


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