Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Animal handphone charms

Do they look adorable? This was an idea that I was thinking for a while, but didn't have time to do them. I hand painted them with arylic paint in both sides. One side with pattern: hearts or polka dots and one side with words. I love adding some beads, pearls, flowersstars and pompom to form this cute handphone charm.

My favourite will be the polka dot porcupine charm with forest theme. I love how it blends with the flowers bead, leaf bead and the mushroom charm.

They are available for sale at my shop.


Evelyn said...

hey..very nice n cute! i'm sure ppl will love them as i do. =)

ee said...

they are so cute..^^

aileen :: motu said...

wishing you good business!!


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