Monday, March 02, 2009

First Blythe Friendly Freckles

Finally, finally, finally. I got my very first Blythe - Friendly Freckles

I first saw her when my friend was at Taiwan at end of the year. She was a hot item for pre-orders that time. 2nd time saw her at xl-shop newsletter, selling RM498. I just gave up as the price was quite high. But I would like to have a quick peak on the real doll. And finally ended up at Graffiti Toy shop. I was abit suprise that Friendly Freckles is the same price as Prima Doll Aubrena, which is RM350.

At saturday, I finally decided to grab her as she was at RM350. Although it wasn't my dream doll (I like a Blond, gold, brownish hair doll), but she her price was reasonable. Much more cheaper then getting them at Taiwan or online. The selling price in Japan was 11,340 yen.

Here is her inside the box.

She is just so adorable. I finally understand why people are crazy of this doll. She is so beautiful in her every shot of picture. She have a cute headphones. Wearing a polkadot sweatshirt, shorts, socks, boots, and even underwear. They include a stand in the package too.

Finally manage to get her out of the box. Too many stickers inside the box. Her head is quite heavy. So she cannot stand alone without the stands. Finally manage to take out all her accesories. My housemate help me in wearing her socks.

She have 4 different colors of eyes. Blue, orange, green and light pink. Every eyes have her own expression. I love her blue eyes the most.

She cannot sit by her own. So I have to put boxes at the back of her. Her hair is abit messy. I search from my finding and ended up pined her hair with this star pin.

Overall, I never regret on buying her back. She is such a beautiful girl to me. Gonna learn to sew her clothes so she have a variety to choose from.


Joan said...

congratulation girl........

Agnes Sim said...

wow...finally u got it!! But its quite expensive for me. hehe...mayb she is ur favorite. So when to get the second one? ;-)

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Hi ciyou!
She is so cute!
I love Blythe too...but always under consideration to buy it.
But haven't at this moment T,T
Is it Radiance Mold (RBL)?
How tall?
RM 350 is very reasonable price.

Ciyou said...

Agnes: So fast ask second doll liao r? I will bankcrupt soon~~

Karen: yup, she is an RBL. She is around 30cm tall. RM350 is consider cheap for a doll like that. She is really really beautiful

stephanie said...

hey hey, I'm not into these dolly thingy, but i didn't know it could be so pricy :P

♥ Karen ♥ said...

ciyou, thanks for the info!
I would like to buy one as well.
But not sure to buy it online or local store because I seldom go KL.

Ciyou said...

stephanie: blythe kenner dolls (older dolls) is selling more then thousand USD.

Karen: That day I saw the shop people pack some box into post laju. I guess they got help people to deliever. Here is their phone: 03-21432293.

ivy said...


♥ Karen ♥ said...

Thanks ciyou for the info...
But I'm not sure secure or not if order tis way...
I will consider it.
RM 350 really a good price ^^

Have a nice day yea!

Ciyou said...

ivy: 是咯~这儿比较价钱和台湾大概一样,就在这儿买咯~~

Karen: They doll will come with each brown box to protect the dolls. Be fast if you want this model, i heard the seller told me that within 10 days, 25 dolls were sold out among 40 dolls of stock. Unless you want to wait for other new coming dolls.

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Thanks ciyou.
I want it so badly...
I will try to contact them.
I will keep in touch with you too ^^

Thanks again!

catti said...

Hey : ) I have been wanting FrFr too, and FINALLY I ordered one today! I'm so happy ^^


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