Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blythe Gathering @ Pavilion

Well, it was just a coincidence that there is a blythe gathering 1 week after I brought my Friendly Freckles. Chirsty, the organizer told me that their gathering outfit was kimono or yutaka 3 days before the gathering. The tutorial was in Japanese and it was really a headache to read those japanese words. I try sewing them at saturday evening (last minute), but gave up after 2-3 hours. (I have under estimate the complexity of sewing her dress~ ). I have manage to complete mine yesterday. Will update later.

First time I attend this type of gathering. Was excited. They are a group of blythe lovers, friendly and nice. Here are all the dolls from 9 of us. Omg~~ that alot!~

These 2 dolls silver color dolls was from the only guy at the group. I kinda hook on those silver colors dolls. Looks so elegant. He sew his doll clothes too.

My doll joinning the gang of Kimonos. Some made their kimonos and some brought them.

The pink one does attract us all~~ well it s a limited doll which are not sell at here. She got it from Singapore.
They are just use to grabbing nice shots and posting their dolls. There is a place of decorations on the restorans and they just post their blythe and start snapping pictures. I join them and snaped some beautiful dolls too.

Spoted this sweet lady on the most left hand corner of the row.

I love her dress, heard she brought from a Thailand seller.

It was a plesent afternoon. We share ideas, thoughts, way to change and dress their dolls. The more I look at them, the more love and like that I feel for this dolls.


Agnes Sim said...

Oh no...i love their dress so much!! All of them are so talented, can made the dress so nice. Hope to see urs soon. hehe.. and the guy...cant believe he sew the dress. hehe

I wish i can shoot their pic as well.

24Seven said...

very spooky

♥ gRaCe ♥ said...

Wow, amazing gathering and really beautiful dolls. For me it's the first time I heard of such dolls... and some more got so many fans... and gathering... wow! I googled and read that it's quite expensive worrr this doll... wah... I'm going to link your post in my blog...

Stephanie meiyu said...

wow, they're beautiful!! I'm tempted, is it hard to sew doll clothings? If I have one, i think i'll make accessories and sew socks, bags or maybe a lil pet next to her :) I'm dreaming about it already

Ciyou said...

Agnes: Some of them take their dslr to shoot pictures. My next goal is to buy one dslr too..

24Seven: Looks cute la,where got spooky

Grace: It is quite a popular doll in flickr where I first saw them. The price is abit high compare to other dolls but they are indeed beautiful

Ciyou said...

Stephanie: It was quite hard to sew those small clothering on dolls, it become even worst when I need to guess guess on those japanese tutorials. Be carefull that making dolls clothing and accesories are so addictive. I'm thinking on making matching slippers and a fan for her that day, but didn't because I was too tired.

Buy yourself one and try yourself, you will know the joy in the process

c h r i s t y * said...

we hope you have a great time during this gathering, although doesn't have much chatting with ya, my bad T_____T our next gathering will held on may, will update you for the actual date. looking forward for the next gathering! happy blythe time =DDD


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