Friday, March 06, 2009

Searching myself

I just denied to myself from buying a pretty cheap kawaii clear stamps online.

Sometimes I just need to sit down, and really think what crafts should I be very into. Else everything will be just "half bucket" in every area.

Here are the crafts that I played:
- Sewing (I love them, but some times just to lazy to take out and keep them everytime I do projects)
- Carving stamps (I guess the cheapest cost among them all, just that everytime after doing one, I will have a backache)
- Felting (I have a bag of felt wool that I don't really know how to use it, sometimes I do sew felt and they are more easy to control compare to fabrics)
- Paper/card making (didn't want to go into too deep, those materials are extreemly expensive)
- Clay (mostly food item, plan to learn miniature, but found its so hard~~ )
- Crochet (seldom crochet, each item takes too long time to finish)
- Beading (seldom do now, i just use to deco my clay jewelleries only)
What else.....?

Still finding which one I love most. Or which should I be more deep into that area....

Thinking... thinking....


mangosteenskin said...

Eventhough we are versatile and good at many things but sometimes we just need to focus on few. That way we can achieve the best.

You can choose one craft and call it your niche or you can just make any craft because that is where your passion is. Just keep on crafting!

Steve Wong said...

Ya, quite agreed with mangosteenskin. Just focus on the One That You Are Most Passion With. To me, doing crafts is to make ourself happy, not to please others.

aileen :: motu said...

i can understand you are saying... i feel the same way too.... wanting to try to many things and yet very limited time.... everything i do is just "half bucket".... perhaps we should think too much,,, just let our heart lead us to wherever we end up.... time is too limited! we should make sure we enjoy our time!

Shera said...

may you found your true passion and develope it to the max :)


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