Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ex-housemate gathering

These was my ex-housemate that we live together for 2 years, during our studies at TAR collage at KL. There are 2 more, but they are back at Penang. Most of us stay at KL for work. 1 married to KL. Another one will be marrying to KL end of this year (feel happy for you). The other 2 more are workaholics. Some of them I really haven't meet them for like more then 4 years~! Miss ya~~

We have a nice chat from 8pm to 11pm, but couldn't finish in chatting on everyone's life. Time was getting late and we have to get home.

Hope to attend this kind of gathering more often~~ miss you all la ~!

1 comment:

aileen :: motu said...

it's always good catching up with old friends!


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