Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FAA Lucky Parcel Swap: Forest

Waited for quite some time for the forest package. The last one haven't arrive yet.

I love the green and brown dots trims and the green trees trims the most. She even give me feathers on this parcel.... thinking what am I going to do with them ~~

Another package arrive several days back. I love the bird nest the most~~ simply too cute.

I love swapping with this group. They are alot of surprise from overseas ~~



ivy said...


Agnes Sim said...

wah...bird net...nice n creative!

♥ gRaCe ♥ said...

Hi... wow.. nice presents u got there. Just wonder if you can share abt swapping? I want to swap too! I join this swapping thingy, but so far nothing's happen... :-(

Ciyou said...

ivy: 是咯~ 我好喜欢,都不舍得用,结果家里就越来越多东西啦

Agnes: i love the bird nest the most!

Grace: I swap from swap-bot. It a private swap where requires a swap-bot account and a flickr account. Leave me your email if you are interested, I will describe more by then

♥ gRaCe ♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ciyou said...

grace,i have sent you a email

c h r i s t y * said...

i really like those pompoms! i can't find them here! i should swap more? hehe.


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