Monday, March 02, 2009

Heart Duckling

It's been quite a while that I didn't carve stamps. One day last week, I found a cute duckling picture from a ang pow (red packet). I made some adjustment to the duck by holding a heart instate of a pencil.

It took be an hour to finish her. And I found very exhausted carving her. Maybe my skills drop after such a long time never carve.

Seens I am stamping them at fabric, I stamp some other patterns to the fabric. I have ideas on my mind, just that I haven't have time to do it. Now I need to prepare my custom orders for the sakura pencil case.


Ken said...

wow, it's so lovely and seriously you are so talented :) keep up the good work :)

Agnes Sim said...

the duckling is so cite neh... u are talented in crafting. Noting impossible for u. hehe

Ciyou said...

Thanks Ken.

Agnes: You can do it too, just needs practice

stephanie said...

wow ciyou, you're great, how did u manage to carved such fine details?

Ciyou said...

stephanie: practice makes prefect. You can do it too


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