Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blythe dress #2

My second attempt on sewing blythe doll dress. Got that online tutorial here: Blythe A-line Dress. It is kinda hard to sew her neckhole and arm hole in a small dress using the sewing machine. So I decided to handsew both parts. Just one small shortcoming, I didn't have a string color to match with the polka dots green and the white color thread become so obvious on the green fabric.
I have added some love buttons on the side of the dress. I added a lacely inner layer in her neckline as she looks too sexy with only the dress on. I have also sew a matching hair pin and a small sling bag for her. I love to do small bags together with my dress. Her hair is getting more and more messy. I do not have a comb to help her comb her hair. Will need to have a hair wash session one day soon.


cherrie900910 said...

It's lovely!
Love the heart-shaped button..
Sooo cute o(>_<)o

Joan said...

walao.... beh tahan dy... so cute!!

c h r i s t y * said...

what a simple nice dress! i love those fabrics too!

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Wow very cute dress!
I'm learning to make some doll dress as well.
It is quite hard to sew because very small >,<
So how's your experience with your first Blythe?
I have ordered mine from Hobby Link Japan. It is the latest prima dolly adorable aubrey.
So now I'm waiting for my little girl's arrival ^^

Alviana said...

soooo cute! i love it. i wish i have my own doll to dress up too. nice blogs. love all ur creations :)


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