Friday, March 13, 2009

Blythe in Kimono/Yukata

After 3 nights of scratching heads of the Japanese tutorial. I finally complete her first dress - Kimono/Yukata. I was abit lazy on sewing the waist band. I took some ribbons, golden strings, yarns, beads and make them in the shortest time. It's worth while to keeping all those things and I could find everything I want from my stash. When I was doing her waist band, my lovely housemate took her and starting to set her hair for me~. I couldn't wait until the weekends where I can take pictures on sunny days. I just want to dress her up and snaps photos of her.

Here is her her kimono/yutaka. I made her a small matching pouch for her to carry around. I didn't manage to make or buy any shoes for her.

She looks beautiful in every angle of the shooting.

Making her clothers is kinda addictive. Omg~~ I need to stop thinking of her and concentrate on doing more crafts for the coming event.



Agnes Sim said...

nice kimono wo... u got lot of nice fabric. Hope can see more n more the dress by ur own

♥ gRaCe ♥ said...

Nice.. i agree with Agnes, u really have a lot of nice fabric!

I linked u to my blog, check it out...

urban craft said...

I love her kimono. You should upload her to the flickr group of Blythe's wearinf Kimonos. Thanks!

aileen :: motu said...

wow! looks like a lot of work! good job!

japjap_animation said...

Can u send me the template for the kimono!!!!! PLS!!!!!!!


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