Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birdy pouch

Thanks for all the warm wishes on the previous post. I rested alot and getting more well. I tell myself not to sleep too late at night, but sometimes it still not controlable when my hands are crafting~

This birdy pouch i made on and off last week. The pouch is made from plain cotton linen. It is a bird in it's cage with leafs besides. I use felt and handsew them on the pouch. Added some lace trim on it. Inner linning is in polka dots green. Nice~
Me and my housemate start to cook for dinner starting last week. It is fun, funny and exciting. I always forgot to snap pictures on what we cook!~


Creative B Bee said...

Hope can see dishes you cook on yr next post.

aileen :: motu said...

the lace is so pretty!!!

Katie Judith* said...

do u have this lace to buy????

Ciyou said...

katie: I brought it from a local shop near my area


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