Thursday, January 26, 2006

2nd year aniversary dating with TS

24th January 2006 - Our 2nd year aniversary dating

Nothing special to talk about. We didn't really go an have a great celebration. After some hug hug and talk talk, we think of how to celebrate (Both also didn't think of any idea how to celebrate). At last, decided to just hang around at Naili Corner at Sentul.

Naili Corner, also known as "Atas pokok" (Our language). Why it is so special, because you can yam cha (have your meal) at a tree house. Only 1 tree house. Never had the chance to sit up there. Plus you need to have above 5 people, baru can sit at the tree house.

The decoration there is very special. Not normal mamak stall. It like a kampung house, with natural deco. Example, wooden table and chairs, pots with fountain, water running down, shell at the floor as deco, green deam spot light -- > a definately romantic place for dating.

But one thing bad is its open air, and near the kampung area, which cause alot of nyamuk gigit. Plus the food is super expensive. ABC cost about RM5, which you can get RM2 at normal mamak store. But the ABC is really a huge 1. With ice-cream on top and very big. Another thing we ate is a dish, forgotten the name, but it taste like spagattee with roti planta with chickhen filling. Cost RM12.90. So expensive. Not that nice, coz its like u are like eating spagettee, the taste of the spagattee sauce is very strong.

Why I still come, that a special place for me and TS. He is the 1st person who introduce me this place. Despite my housemate when b4 when I was in Singapore. Remember those days, when I and TS was only friend, he asked me to go there. So touch. We go there buy bike. Very cold at nite. Couldn't hug him as that time wasn't my bf yet. It brings back alot of memories back to me.

Love you darling lau kong. Happy Aniversary. Love you always.

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