Friday, January 06, 2006

Lewre shoe

Past weekend, I accompany my bf to buy shoe. He purposely drive to Mid Valley, just to buy a pair for leather shoe. Hoo said that LEWRE this brand is famous for overseas people and the quality is good. So he decided to go for a try.

He used to wear hush puppies shoe, but its torn already. He say very confortable.

This this he tried LEWRE and he find it very good. But the price also very good ~ RM249. I never ever buy a shoe which is that expensive. But he is willing to pay for it.

Notice that guys stuff is very expensive compare to girls one. A men shirt may cost RM50 - RM 200, but a women shirt may cost from rm20-rm100. Guys things are very expensive. Thats why they don't shop alot, but one thing might cost alot. For me, if its a leather shoe, its ok for rm200. But for like sandle, its rm80-rm100 for LEWRE brand, I think its too much!!

Stephaine drop by that day and she saw the LEWRE shoe. She also strongly agree that their shoe is very comfortable. As her and her husband also have a pair of LEWRE shoe. She somemore say its a the factory is local. Wah.... local brand also need to be so expensive are. But as long as the shoe is comfortable to wear, its worth the price of paying


izchan said...

ok ... if mine go bad ... I will try ... but it would never be a puppy shoe.

Kampungkai said...

yea, i have to agree with u that guy's stuff are much more expensive than girls. haha! but they are of good quality, dun u think so? hehehhe..
I'll pay attention to this LEWRE brand in future and try it myself.


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