Friday, January 13, 2006

Key disappear, where I put??

Was a good morning to sleep, yet need to wake up as today is not weekend. How I wish I'm Hoo, can sleep until natural wakeup.

Woke up late again. Yesterday pensang at the bed, with my makeup on. Too tried I guess, coz pass 2 days sleep at 3am. My love came back, presuaing me to go bath, like presuaing a little girl to go bath.

“乖,去卸妆先才睡。。。 乖, 去冲凉先才睡。。。”

But I still blur blur... can't wake up. He had to drag me up to the bath room.

Today morning was worst, as I wanted to go out, I can't find my house key. Search here and there. NO. Call NTS. CAN'T GET. Call Susie. CAN'T GET. Was going to call back to office and say I WILL BE LATE. BUT I finally try to knock knock Susie door and try if she is in. Surprising Gengki was in. Thank god. I ask him to open the door for me and there I rush to the office.

Hai~~ Was late at office :(

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