Friday, January 06, 2006

Bad news

I have a super bad news, my love is going to singpore from 23th Jan 2006 for 1 month.... :( Oh my god, leaving me alone in KL :( So sad!! Our 2nd year aniversary and valentine is gone like that. Which I can't spend that special day with him. And our CNY plans, gone at all..... My melaka trip.... cry cry...

He say 100% will go, just don't know when he will go. I don't want him to go away.... Already can't stand for a weekend, now 1 month. So sad. I hate his boss, always kacau kacau in between. Everytime we got plans, he sure kacau 1 :(

1 comment:

izchan said...

Poor dear.

lets see ... I'll take you out for sushi ok?


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