Monday, January 09, 2006

Saturday Food~~

Saturday nite we definately eat alot. From 6pm to 12 midnite, non- stop eating.

Our friends are leaving to Sarawak soon, don't know when can meet again, so we decided to have a somesort like farewell party for them.

After lots of discussion in the MSN, but finally they decided to follow Hoo to somewhere to eat BBQ at Puchong.

The shop is called Bumbu Bali ~ located at 18 & 18-1, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong (the shop houses opposite Giant hypermarket). We search and search and search. Funny name. Its not just only a restaurant, but it have alot of home decor stuff inside. Really like a different style restrarant. There are some home decor - Bali style to sell, very impressive. There is 4 cute cats cost around RM10-RM15. I didn't buy, cost no where to place. Will become rubblish...There are also alot of buddha pic, buddha model for sell. Cool~~

Food~ finally come to food. We order alot, we divide ourself into 2 groups, coz the 2nd group arrive abit later then us. (We are in the 1st group)
- 3 campur rasa seafood ~ consist of BBQ chickhen wing, fried sotong rings and something special called satay cilit- its a satay with mixture of chickhen meat, prawn, crab, sotong blended to form the satay. The satay stick is also very unique, they use the stick which we use to cook tom yam. Forgot whats the name liao.
- Nasi campur - Nasi kuning, BBQ prawn, chicken, fish.... etc
- BBQ Chickhen with sotong - me n TS eat this, too little alredy - coz only quarter chichken only
- BBQ chickhen with rice - this one half chickhen with kuning rice

Very delicous~ The drink also very special. Cost: RM250

Later we when to a 名歌餐厅 as SC haven't have his dinner. Supposingly SC offer us that he would sponsor RM200 for the meal in Puchong, but he have project to rush on. So we gather there for another round. We order some light food, eg: french fries, fish and chips, sausage, unagi, soft shell carb, japanese style fried chickhen, plus some large fruit drinks .... Wah, that meal also cost use RM100.

Later they wanna drink COFFEE at starbucks, so we when to W.maju JJ starbucks. Imagine them eating none stop. Arrive at there, already see Hoo with coffee and cakes. I didn't order any coffee, as I can't drink coffee at night ~ can't sleep. But I curi makan Hoo cake and muffin... Yummy.

Full full full..... Too full instate.~

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