Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Artistry® Body Benefits Holiday Collection

"Soothe your body and mind from the pressures of the day with the Artistry Body Cleansing Mousse and Moisture Mist."

I got this from my lovely bf as a chirtmas present. Sucessfully presue him to buy for me. This holiday collection is super special coz its not normal body gel and lotion, but its in a different form.

It comes with 2 bottle in 1 pack, which consist of:
1. Body Cleansing Mousse - normally people use is body gel, never see before in mousse form. It contains mild foaming body cleansing, light cleansing agent which gently cleans while lightly conditioning the skin. It also washes away stress. After cleansing, it leave your skin with soft and smoother skin. Plus it smell GOOD. According to the manufacture, it can use approximately 265 pumps per bottle. So worth it.

2. Moisture Mist - It contains light skin-conditioning and moisturizing all-over body spray. The delicate Moisture Mist soothes and softens skin. Normally people use is body lotion, now it is in spray form. As what Tracy said: Ask you partner to "Spray Me". According to the manufacture, can use approximately 1,250 pumps per bottle.

Both product are enriched with skin-conditioning ingredients of honey and oat extracts. Both are infused with a rich aroma blending notes of peony, guava, and papaya. Its smell is refreshing, very light, as if you

I wasn't that attracked at 1st, because it a body cleansing product. But when I heard that its using OAT extracts, I finally decide to ask my bf give me as a xmas present (Haha ... no need to use my own $$). OAT extracts is well know as cel renewing. And it is use in the Artistry Skin Refinishing product. That small bottle of essences cause me about RM150 per 30ml, but this 2 big bottle is around RM120, so so worth it. Think of it, how many honey and oat extracts are in it. Love it :)

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