Monday, January 16, 2006

New Paris Seafood Restoran at SS2

Before going to Coffee Bean yesterday, we have End- Business food at New Paris Seafood Restoran at SS2. All on Hoo... Horray~~ Free food:)

Sounds weird the name. But TS still manage to find the place.

It's a 2-3 shop houses join together shop. Heard Hoo say its evaluate from a small frying stall until a shop with 3 shop houses with 3 storey high. Cool. Must be the food is very nice. I guess

Food menu: Fried pork hand, Steam "Bak Su Kong" Fish, Plain Vegetable, Mix long beans with purple fruit, Yam nest with mix vegetable, Taufu, Black Soya Chickhen with Watermelon

Cool. I most liket he black soya chickhen with watermelon. The chickhen very tasty.

Later we notice that each of every food is every table seems alike. What we eat will have appear in other table. Maybe they just use these few dishes also can be so famous o..

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