Monday, January 16, 2006

Malibu Dream

Yesterday when to coffee bean.

Because it was too late, around 8pm, I couldn't drink coffee related drinks (can't sleep at nite due to the caffenie), So I decided to choose those non- coffee drink.

See here see there...
Finally choose - Malibu Dream
It was Fresh Strawberry Banana juice and French Deluxe™vanilla blended with ice.

1st taste... oh... seems familiar
2nd taste.. oh.. same taste as the nutrition breakfast

Yalor... its same taste because nutrition breakfast consist of Protien berry and Banana. These 2 have stronger smell. But our nutrition breakfast got extra chocolate and lime taste. But its very very alike nutrition breakfast because the Malibu Dream consist milk and vanila favour. Which or nutrition breakfast also have the milk taste.

Hmm... compare the price, still nutrition breakfast more worth the price. Malibu Dream already RM12 regular liao, nutrition breakfast is cheaper.

Who say those nutrition breakfast taste weird? Even Coffee Bean though of this taste, sure got people like this taste. Good way to promote nutrition breakfast :)

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