Monday, January 16, 2006

LRT spoil again

Argh~~ Bad morning

LRT spoil again. It was weird when the LRT was moving slow and stop very often today morning. I didn't thought they will be any problem, coz at the morning, the LRT sometime will stop for a while. Cause its too near with the previous train.

Suddenly, they say that the train have some tecnical problem at Abdullah Hukum. "Oh no, not again... train rosak!~" That was what I think. They say the train will move abit slower then usual. So I waited.

After 10 minutes, still not effect at all. Allasss.... sure sure..... can't be fix for another 30 minutes. Finally I get my decision to take a Teksi to my office. If I have waited, don't know what time, I can reach office.

Thanks god when I come down, there is a teksi putting people at the enterance. I quickly hopped in to the teksi. On the journey to my office. I tried to ask the driver is there any teksi stand nearby? HE say, they usuualy no stop this LRT station, cause each station is quite near by. No people there, so they seldom wait at the JELATIK LRT station. Thank god I still find a Teksi :) Else I dont know how to go to office

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