Friday, January 27, 2006


Basic 丝巾的打法


2 hours more..

2 hours more I be on holidays...... Horray!!

Seens yesterday I was already on holiday mood. Seening alot collegue beside me, being last day, before they when for their holidays. Today more more holiday mood. Don't feel like working at all.

But we are rushing for a project to deliver before we set ourselves off for CNY. Today dam busy, non stop mapping links. Wanna muntah liao, so many links need to map. Plus the stupid application is so slow sometimes.

I wanna go back at 6pm ler...

Dog year with dog pets

Reading thru the news paper, notice that alot people tend to buy dog at their pets when Chinese New Year is near. According to the news paper, people tend to think that dogs bring good luck and prosperity to the family.

Today morning, I was reading thru the newspaper, I found 1 page saying Malaysian more like to breed what kind of dog. Wah... All the dog also I like one, which include Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Silky Terrier, Poodle, Shih-Tzu....

Among those dog, my house have breed b4 German Shepherd and poodle (currently at my house). WE also breed b4 Yorkshire Terrier - > quite similiar with Silky Terrier. See the difference.

My dad love the poodle so much. Cause they are cute. I have 2 poodle at home. A male and a female :) This coming CNY, get to see them again. Dogs in my home seems like a family member. We tend to miss them and is a topic we discuss together in our family.

This is Lucky, the male poodle. Its cover with white and brown fur. My dad loves him alot. He say he is more pretty then the other poodle. Yes, definately he is very handsome.

This is Calm. Brownish poodle. You look at her, she is like a toy bear. Really alike. My brothers and sister like her more. Because she is not as naughty as Lucky and their say she is more cute.

German Shepherd of our house. Her name is sugar. She look wild, but deep down inside her, she is a timid dog. Face looks garang, but... Big dogs are good in taking care small dogs

He is call Matthew. Yorkshire Terrier Breed. Brought him for RM2000 as my sister brithday present. Very naughty and intellegiant dog. A toy dog. Very good in manja. Lost him last year, he ran away from home :( miss him.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

2nd year aniversary dating with TS

24th January 2006 - Our 2nd year aniversary dating

Nothing special to talk about. We didn't really go an have a great celebration. After some hug hug and talk talk, we think of how to celebrate (Both also didn't think of any idea how to celebrate). At last, decided to just hang around at Naili Corner at Sentul.

Naili Corner, also known as "Atas pokok" (Our language). Why it is so special, because you can yam cha (have your meal) at a tree house. Only 1 tree house. Never had the chance to sit up there. Plus you need to have above 5 people, baru can sit at the tree house.

The decoration there is very special. Not normal mamak stall. It like a kampung house, with natural deco. Example, wooden table and chairs, pots with fountain, water running down, shell at the floor as deco, green deam spot light -- > a definately romantic place for dating.

But one thing bad is its open air, and near the kampung area, which cause alot of nyamuk gigit. Plus the food is super expensive. ABC cost about RM5, which you can get RM2 at normal mamak store. But the ABC is really a huge 1. With ice-cream on top and very big. Another thing we ate is a dish, forgotten the name, but it taste like spagattee with roti planta with chickhen filling. Cost RM12.90. So expensive. Not that nice, coz its like u are like eating spagettee, the taste of the spagattee sauce is very strong.

Why I still come, that a special place for me and TS. He is the 1st person who introduce me this place. Despite my housemate when b4 when I was in Singapore. Remember those days, when I and TS was only friend, he asked me to go there. So touch. We go there buy bike. Very cold at nite. Couldn't hug him as that time wasn't my bf yet. It brings back alot of memories back to me.

Love you darling lau kong. Happy Aniversary. Love you always.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


歌手:周杰伦&lara 专辑:十一月的萧邦


(周杰倫) 海平面遠方開始陰霾

(梁心頤) 你用唇語說你要離開

(合) 轉身離開

(合) 轉身離開

(周杰倫) 毀壞的沙雕如何重來

(梁心頤) 貝殼裡隱藏什麼期待

(合) 轉身離開

(合) 轉身離開

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Artistry® Body Benefits Holiday Collection

"Soothe your body and mind from the pressures of the day with the Artistry Body Cleansing Mousse and Moisture Mist."

I got this from my lovely bf as a chirtmas present. Sucessfully presue him to buy for me. This holiday collection is super special coz its not normal body gel and lotion, but its in a different form.

It comes with 2 bottle in 1 pack, which consist of:
1. Body Cleansing Mousse - normally people use is body gel, never see before in mousse form. It contains mild foaming body cleansing, light cleansing agent which gently cleans while lightly conditioning the skin. It also washes away stress. After cleansing, it leave your skin with soft and smoother skin. Plus it smell GOOD. According to the manufacture, it can use approximately 265 pumps per bottle. So worth it.

2. Moisture Mist - It contains light skin-conditioning and moisturizing all-over body spray. The delicate Moisture Mist soothes and softens skin. Normally people use is body lotion, now it is in spray form. As what Tracy said: Ask you partner to "Spray Me". According to the manufacture, can use approximately 1,250 pumps per bottle.

Both product are enriched with skin-conditioning ingredients of honey and oat extracts. Both are infused with a rich aroma blending notes of peony, guava, and papaya. Its smell is refreshing, very light, as if you

I wasn't that attracked at 1st, because it a body cleansing product. But when I heard that its using OAT extracts, I finally decide to ask my bf give me as a xmas present (Haha ... no need to use my own $$). OAT extracts is well know as cel renewing. And it is use in the Artistry Skin Refinishing product. That small bottle of essences cause me about RM150 per 30ml, but this 2 big bottle is around RM120, so so worth it. Think of it, how many honey and oat extracts are in it. Love it :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Look closely

Was wondering what was it at first. Look here and there...

1st look: Like ass... But can't be. Why a sandle advertisment would promote a G-string, not their shoe??
2nd look: still thinking...
3rd look: Enlarge the pic and see the words - "Your feet can be sexy too"...
4th look: Oh.... Its a feet, they toke the picture real near, only the sandle part...

Finally know what is it. What was it on ur mind at 1st :) Click here for more.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006





  1. 青黑色眼圈———“作息不正常”作怪
    青黑色眼圈通常发生在20岁左右,生活作息不正常的人尤难避免,因其微血管内血液流速缓慢,血液量增多而氧气消耗量提高,缺氧血红素大增的结果,从外表看来,皮肤就出现暗蓝色调。由于眼睛周围较多微血管,因此睡眠不足、眼睛疲劳、压力、贫血等因素,都会造成眼周肌肤淤血及浮肿现象。 >>熬夜后怎样消灭黑眼圈
  2. 茶黑色眼圈———“长期日晒”搞鬼
  3. 眼睛浮肿———“血液循环不良”惹的祸
更多 。。正确使用眼霜

Looking for tuition in Malaysia or Singapore? is a growing
database of teachers or tuition centres that are looking for students. Whether
you are looking for home tuition or class tuition, look through our database
today and find the perfect teacher for yourself all for FREE!!

I have several friends that do part time tuition for students in their pass time. Can introduce them this site to increase their name list :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sushi head pain~

Was wondering why this sushi is so haed pain, rupa rupa nia, the bead on his head is fighting. Thats why he have headache.

Similiar to people, when we face headache, sometimes is our nervers is fighthing with each other (think too much). Pressure will be like this.

So don't fight with your own brain :)

More cute pix.

Monday, January 16, 2006

LRT spoil again

Argh~~ Bad morning

LRT spoil again. It was weird when the LRT was moving slow and stop very often today morning. I didn't thought they will be any problem, coz at the morning, the LRT sometime will stop for a while. Cause its too near with the previous train.

Suddenly, they say that the train have some tecnical problem at Abdullah Hukum. "Oh no, not again... train rosak!~" That was what I think. They say the train will move abit slower then usual. So I waited.

After 10 minutes, still not effect at all. Allasss.... sure sure..... can't be fix for another 30 minutes. Finally I get my decision to take a Teksi to my office. If I have waited, don't know what time, I can reach office.

Thanks god when I come down, there is a teksi putting people at the enterance. I quickly hopped in to the teksi. On the journey to my office. I tried to ask the driver is there any teksi stand nearby? HE say, they usuualy no stop this LRT station, cause each station is quite near by. No people there, so they seldom wait at the JELATIK LRT station. Thank god I still find a Teksi :) Else I dont know how to go to office

New Paris Seafood Restoran at SS2

Before going to Coffee Bean yesterday, we have End- Business food at New Paris Seafood Restoran at SS2. All on Hoo... Horray~~ Free food:)

Sounds weird the name. But TS still manage to find the place.

It's a 2-3 shop houses join together shop. Heard Hoo say its evaluate from a small frying stall until a shop with 3 shop houses with 3 storey high. Cool. Must be the food is very nice. I guess

Food menu: Fried pork hand, Steam "Bak Su Kong" Fish, Plain Vegetable, Mix long beans with purple fruit, Yam nest with mix vegetable, Taufu, Black Soya Chickhen with Watermelon

Cool. I most liket he black soya chickhen with watermelon. The chickhen very tasty.

Later we notice that each of every food is every table seems alike. What we eat will have appear in other table. Maybe they just use these few dishes also can be so famous o..

Malibu Dream

Yesterday when to coffee bean.

Because it was too late, around 8pm, I couldn't drink coffee related drinks (can't sleep at nite due to the caffenie), So I decided to choose those non- coffee drink.

See here see there...
Finally choose - Malibu Dream
It was Fresh Strawberry Banana juice and French Deluxe™vanilla blended with ice.

1st taste... oh... seems familiar
2nd taste.. oh.. same taste as the nutrition breakfast

Yalor... its same taste because nutrition breakfast consist of Protien berry and Banana. These 2 have stronger smell. But our nutrition breakfast got extra chocolate and lime taste. But its very very alike nutrition breakfast because the Malibu Dream consist milk and vanila favour. Which or nutrition breakfast also have the milk taste.

Hmm... compare the price, still nutrition breakfast more worth the price. Malibu Dream already RM12 regular liao, nutrition breakfast is cheaper.

Who say those nutrition breakfast taste weird? Even Coffee Bean though of this taste, sure got people like this taste. Good way to promote nutrition breakfast :)

Friday, January 13, 2006


walau wei....

从槟城去新山 one way - RM100 (原价RM50++)

当我妹妹告诉我她们的学生巴士是 S$36 (36x2.3=RM82.80), 我都嫌很贵啦!我才叫我妈在槟城车站问问, 那知更贵!!

从槟城去吉隆坡 one way -RM30 (原价RM27),还可以啦。
如果从槟城去吉隆坡,再从吉隆坡去笨珍, 应该是大约RM60,就够了。



"如果大学考试的成绩是以胸围做考量的话, 你一定拿 distinction"


我不以为然地说:"因为你一定科科拿 A "
(p/s: 她的胸围是A cup)

我是在一个朋友的BLOG,看到的。我看了,觉得好好笑。我告诉TS, 他笑到翻肚。说他这样的东西也可以想出来。而且,也是应为这些话,和女友分手。嗨~。。。TS 就常常看到女人,就在那儿说:distinction student来了。还说susie是distinction student...




说的也对的,所以系统常常说的:不批评,不埋怨,不自责 。

Key disappear, where I put??

Was a good morning to sleep, yet need to wake up as today is not weekend. How I wish I'm Hoo, can sleep until natural wakeup.

Woke up late again. Yesterday pensang at the bed, with my makeup on. Too tried I guess, coz pass 2 days sleep at 3am. My love came back, presuaing me to go bath, like presuaing a little girl to go bath.

“乖,去卸妆先才睡。。。 乖, 去冲凉先才睡。。。”

But I still blur blur... can't wake up. He had to drag me up to the bath room.

Today morning was worst, as I wanted to go out, I can't find my house key. Search here and there. NO. Call NTS. CAN'T GET. Call Susie. CAN'T GET. Was going to call back to office and say I WILL BE LATE. BUT I finally try to knock knock Susie door and try if she is in. Surprising Gengki was in. Thank god. I ask him to open the door for me and there I rush to the office.

Hai~~ Was late at office :(

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Plastic containers

Tupperware, where is my Tupperware!

Tupperware is a brand not the name of the container. People tend to call plastic container as Tupperware, but not the product real name. Funny rite?

Female like these containers, not sure why. But what I like is they are colorfull and make my things more arrangeble.

When I was finding how a hamper is wrap, I found that plastic containers is also a great gift. Its easy to wrap and its usefull to all people. Here are some ways to wrap Plastic containers.

Food Hamper

Planing to self-do a hamper to my parents and TS parents as a CNY gift.

Here are some sample of hamper wrapping that I can refer too.

Click image to view larger version.
Need to buy alot stuff to wrap this hamper, I would online buy cookies, chocolates, cakes, drinks... etc. Plus some 肉干,basket, clear plastic paper, ribbons.

Otis day

Phew.... What a rushing day.

Time flies. Now already 6.30pm, office hours seems long to me, but today seems very fast.

For morning, my team lead starting to assign me LIVE otis (LIVE obs), coz they are busy in development. Ugah~~ I feel boring when I receive so many tiny tiny obs, need to read for comments, understand the problem before can start fixing obs.

But seems time fly, as 1 do 2 obs together after lunch and do some suffing online when I need to wait for content publishing :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mild anisochromasia

What is that mild anisochromasia?

The person who analysis my medical report say I have 地中海贫血带茵者, but I search online, 地中海贫血带茵者 is called Thalassaemia Trait, but why the person I have 地中海贫血?

The person recommend me to have another check up - HB analysis. To determine I am a Alpha or Beta carrier. But the person say that I'm just a carrier, no illness will happen to me. Might be just slight anemia only. The more important thing is that I need to make sure my partner is NOT a carrier too. Else our child will suffer. No blood donation. But I think my partner won't have Thalassaemia, cause he always go donate blood. Too much blood, i guess.

I never heard my dad or my mum say that before. So I ask my sister when she is online. She say that she heard before my parents say that either them have the gen that our cell are not normal. Heard that Jianan also suspect he have the same issue. Have to call back to ask my parents and see whats the issue.

I never ever thought that I have Thalassaemia Trait. No symptoms, nothing at all, but I just know that I seems like not enuf blood, cause they never let me for blood donation. I always can't pass for blood donation. I thought I too skinny, but everytime they say not enuf nutrition.

Whole day, reading information serach on webside, know more this Thalassaemia.

There are a number of different types of thalassaemia within these groups, alpha thalassemia being less diverse than beta thalassaemia.

  • Alpha plus thalassaemia is the mildest type of thalassaemia. It will not affect your health but you may pass it on to your children, who will also be perfectly healthy. This form of thalassaemia is very common in people who come from, or have ancestors from Africa, including many Afro-Caribbeans, India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.
  • Alpha zero thalassaemia is a rare type of alpha thaassaemia. This form of thalassaemia may occur if you or your ancestors originally came from South East Asia, China, the Mediterranean area, and the Middle East. You will be healthy but if you have children and your partner also has Alpha Zero Thalassaemia, your baby has a 1 in 4 chance of having a very serious anaemic disorder called alpha zero thalassaemia major, which is life threatening. Babies who have alpha thalassaemia major are unlikely to survive pregnancy.
  • Beta thalassaemia is seen most commonly in people who originate from Mediterranean Islands, Asia, Middle and the Far East. Because of migration and intermarriage it is also seen in other parts of the world including the UK.
  • Beta Thalassaemia Trait (Carrier) If you have beta Thalassaemia trait you will be healthy but if you have children and your partner also has beta Thalassaemia trait then there is a 1 in 4 chance of each child having the much more serious disorder Beta Thalassaemia major or Beta Thalassaemia Intermedia.
  • Alpha plus Thalassaemia This is very common in some ethnic groups. There are no symptoms and it usually goes unnoticed. There may be slight iron deficiency (anaemia) if the blood is tested for some reason. Sometimes people may be mistakenly diagnosed as having iron deficiency anaemia and be treated with iron medications unnecessarily.
  • Alpha Zero Thalassaemia There are no symptoms and you are perfectly healthy. However if both parents have alpha zero thalassaemia they have a 1 in 4 chance of having a baby who has alpha zero thalassaemia major which is incompatible with life; the baby is often born prematurely and is dead or dies shortly after birth.
  • Beta Thalassaemia Trait (Carrier) There are usually no symptoms and you are perfectly healthy, however there are an increased number of cells and they are smaller than those without the condition. It can cause mild anaemia because slightly less haemoglobin is produced than normal. This usually does not usually cause you any symptoms and cannot be treated by increased iron intake.
  • Beta Thalassaemia major Between birth and three to six months, your baby with Beta thalassaemia major will seem normal and quite healthy. Your baby will then begin to show symptoms of anaemia (they become pale) there may be shortness of breath, jaundice and an enlarged spleen.

Not sure which type is me? Need to check it out. Hope its just minor issue.

More information :
Thalassaemia Association od Malaysia
What is Alpha thalassaemia?
What is Beta thalassaemia ?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

E funkhouser new collection

I'm waiting for efunkhouser latest collection of eye colors - black and grey.

Here is it latest collection `Nuance`

more collection, click here

Monday, January 09, 2006

Saturday Food~~

Saturday nite we definately eat alot. From 6pm to 12 midnite, non- stop eating.

Our friends are leaving to Sarawak soon, don't know when can meet again, so we decided to have a somesort like farewell party for them.

After lots of discussion in the MSN, but finally they decided to follow Hoo to somewhere to eat BBQ at Puchong.

The shop is called Bumbu Bali ~ located at 18 & 18-1, Jalan Persiaran Puteri 1, Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong (the shop houses opposite Giant hypermarket). We search and search and search. Funny name. Its not just only a restaurant, but it have alot of home decor stuff inside. Really like a different style restrarant. There are some home decor - Bali style to sell, very impressive. There is 4 cute cats cost around RM10-RM15. I didn't buy, cost no where to place. Will become rubblish...There are also alot of buddha pic, buddha model for sell. Cool~~

Food~ finally come to food. We order alot, we divide ourself into 2 groups, coz the 2nd group arrive abit later then us. (We are in the 1st group)
- 3 campur rasa seafood ~ consist of BBQ chickhen wing, fried sotong rings and something special called satay cilit- its a satay with mixture of chickhen meat, prawn, crab, sotong blended to form the satay. The satay stick is also very unique, they use the stick which we use to cook tom yam. Forgot whats the name liao.
- Nasi campur - Nasi kuning, BBQ prawn, chicken, fish.... etc
- BBQ Chickhen with sotong - me n TS eat this, too little alredy - coz only quarter chichken only
- BBQ chickhen with rice - this one half chickhen with kuning rice

Very delicous~ The drink also very special. Cost: RM250

Later we when to a 名歌餐厅 as SC haven't have his dinner. Supposingly SC offer us that he would sponsor RM200 for the meal in Puchong, but he have project to rush on. So we gather there for another round. We order some light food, eg: french fries, fish and chips, sausage, unagi, soft shell carb, japanese style fried chickhen, plus some large fruit drinks .... Wah, that meal also cost use RM100.

Later they wanna drink COFFEE at starbucks, so we when to W.maju JJ starbucks. Imagine them eating none stop. Arrive at there, already see Hoo with coffee and cakes. I didn't order any coffee, as I can't drink coffee at night ~ can't sleep. But I curi makan Hoo cake and muffin... Yummy.

Full full full..... Too full instate.~

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lewre shoe

Past weekend, I accompany my bf to buy shoe. He purposely drive to Mid Valley, just to buy a pair for leather shoe. Hoo said that LEWRE this brand is famous for overseas people and the quality is good. So he decided to go for a try.

He used to wear hush puppies shoe, but its torn already. He say very confortable.

This this he tried LEWRE and he find it very good. But the price also very good ~ RM249. I never ever buy a shoe which is that expensive. But he is willing to pay for it.

Notice that guys stuff is very expensive compare to girls one. A men shirt may cost RM50 - RM 200, but a women shirt may cost from rm20-rm100. Guys things are very expensive. Thats why they don't shop alot, but one thing might cost alot. For me, if its a leather shoe, its ok for rm200. But for like sandle, its rm80-rm100 for LEWRE brand, I think its too much!!

Stephaine drop by that day and she saw the LEWRE shoe. She also strongly agree that their shoe is very comfortable. As her and her husband also have a pair of LEWRE shoe. She somemore say its a the factory is local. Wah.... local brand also need to be so expensive are. But as long as the shoe is comfortable to wear, its worth the price of paying

Bad news

I have a super bad news, my love is going to singpore from 23th Jan 2006 for 1 month.... :( Oh my god, leaving me alone in KL :( So sad!! Our 2nd year aniversary and valentine is gone like that. Which I can't spend that special day with him. And our CNY plans, gone at all..... My melaka trip.... cry cry...

He say 100% will go, just don't know when he will go. I don't want him to go away.... Already can't stand for a weekend, now 1 month. So sad. I hate his boss, always kacau kacau in between. Everytime we got plans, he sure kacau 1 :(

Thursday, January 05, 2006

SX18 ~ No entry pouch

No entry pouch
No entry! Tell your friends they are strictly prohibited to open your important pouch. Suitable for holding cellular phones, cigarettes, lighters, loose change and keys.

Who will buy these bags... hehe ...SX18


【 视觉鉴别 】
【 手感鉴别 】
【 燃烧鉴别 】

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Was surfing on the internet, found this interesting fact(Which I didn't know) :

There are a few different products to use for catching your blood during your period period. They are:

  • Sanitary Pads - Cloth (oh.. isn't it the old method when my mum or grandma use to do? Seems like gain popularity in out of malaysia)
  • Sanitary Pads - Disposables (Normally people use, sold everywhere in the market)
  • Tampons (quite popluar nowadays)
  • Sea Sponge Tampons (never heard b4)
  • Menstrual Cups (saw it online)

Those which I highlighted in BLUE, sounds interesting to me. For more information, shopping (it's available in Malaysia, thought of buying it and try, but the price is far more expensive compare with the disposable pads, they are cutes....), please click here.

Alot creation of the world~~

Happy Holidays

Altought xmas n new year is over, but this is still a great greeting card to pass over.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Things that I want in 2006

I need to set things that I want in 2006 in order to motivate me to work harder this coming year.

1. A device that contain listen to music, FM radio and camera. ~~ Sony erricson phone. Althought many ppl say, not so good so many function in one phone, but still its consider ok coz its easy to take, shopping time can easily capture pictures... cool man. PS: That phone no need games, I don't play phone games. As long as it can listen to GOOD music and have camera that can capture cool picture, thats enuf for me
~~ Found this ~~ W800i Walkman™
Here are the spec:
Music player

34MB internal memory + 512MB Memory Stick PRO Duo™ included

FM radio

2 megapixel camera (but digital camera already have 6 mega pixel :( )

- 176x220 pixel
- Color LCD 262K

- Polyphonic Sounds 40 voices

- 34MB memory

- GSM 1800
- GSM 1900
- GSM 900

Available colours
- Smooth White

- 100 x 46 x 20.5 mm
- 3.9 x 1.8 x .8 inches

Price: RM1,999.00 --> need to earn this per month!!! Extra income!!!

Not sure its the same function as PDA?? Does pda have these support? Need to find out


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