Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bangkok here I come

I am leaving for Bangkok and Pattaya from 29 Mar to 2 April. Mainly for vacation. Mostly for shopping~~ I heard there are many cheaps things to buy at Bangkok. Just a break for myself and searching more inspiration from Bangkok.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blythe dress #2

My second attempt on sewing blythe doll dress. Got that online tutorial here: Blythe A-line Dress. It is kinda hard to sew her neckhole and arm hole in a small dress using the sewing machine. So I decided to handsew both parts. Just one small shortcoming, I didn't have a string color to match with the polka dots green and the white color thread become so obvious on the green fabric.
I have added some love buttons on the side of the dress. I added a lacely inner layer in her neckline as she looks too sexy with only the dress on. I have also sew a matching hair pin and a small sling bag for her. I love to do small bags together with my dress. Her hair is getting more and more messy. I do not have a comb to help her comb her hair. Will need to have a hair wash session one day soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birdy pouch

Thanks for all the warm wishes on the previous post. I rested alot and getting more well. I tell myself not to sleep too late at night, but sometimes it still not controlable when my hands are crafting~

This birdy pouch i made on and off last week. The pouch is made from plain cotton linen. It is a bird in it's cage with leafs besides. I use felt and handsew them on the pouch. Added some lace trim on it. Inner linning is in polka dots green. Nice~
Me and my housemate start to cook for dinner starting last week. It is fun, funny and exciting. I always forgot to snap pictures on what we cook!~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Nothing much to write this week. As I'm sick again, from flu again~~ This time abit serious where fever came along. Been sleeping alot and resting alot. I didn't make any thing this week and spend most of my time in bed. Hope to recover soon. Before my trip to Bangkok.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blythe in Kimono/Yukata

After 3 nights of scratching heads of the Japanese tutorial. I finally complete her first dress - Kimono/Yukata. I was abit lazy on sewing the waist band. I took some ribbons, golden strings, yarns, beads and make them in the shortest time. It's worth while to keeping all those things and I could find everything I want from my stash. When I was doing her waist band, my lovely housemate took her and starting to set her hair for me~. I couldn't wait until the weekends where I can take pictures on sunny days. I just want to dress her up and snaps photos of her.

Here is her her kimono/yutaka. I made her a small matching pouch for her to carry around. I didn't manage to make or buy any shoes for her.

She looks beautiful in every angle of the shooting.

Making her clothers is kinda addictive. Omg~~ I need to stop thinking of her and concentrate on doing more crafts for the coming event.


Forrest pouch

Make this last weekend. I always love greeny stuff. Makes me think of eco-friendly, save the earth thingy. Both of the fabric match well. (Noted: the pouch is in dark green, not sure why it looks like dark brown on the photos.)
I added some cotton trim to seperate 2 different fabrics. I love the forrest fabric which consist of beautiful prints of flowers, mushrooms, trees, squirels and apples. It is linned with green polka dot fabric inside the pouch.

I'm thinking of keeping it for my own~~ Hehe~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blythe Gathering @ Pavilion

Well, it was just a coincidence that there is a blythe gathering 1 week after I brought my Friendly Freckles. Chirsty, the organizer told me that their gathering outfit was kimono or yutaka 3 days before the gathering. The tutorial was in Japanese and it was really a headache to read those japanese words. I try sewing them at saturday evening (last minute), but gave up after 2-3 hours. (I have under estimate the complexity of sewing her dress~ ). I have manage to complete mine yesterday. Will update later.

First time I attend this type of gathering. Was excited. They are a group of blythe lovers, friendly and nice. Here are all the dolls from 9 of us. Omg~~ that alot!~

These 2 dolls silver color dolls was from the only guy at the group. I kinda hook on those silver colors dolls. Looks so elegant. He sew his doll clothes too.

My doll joinning the gang of Kimonos. Some made their kimonos and some brought them.

The pink one does attract us all~~ well it s a limited doll which are not sell at here. She got it from Singapore.
They are just use to grabbing nice shots and posting their dolls. There is a place of decorations on the restorans and they just post their blythe and start snapping pictures. I join them and snaped some beautiful dolls too.

Spoted this sweet lady on the most left hand corner of the row.

I love her dress, heard she brought from a Thailand seller.

It was a plesent afternoon. We share ideas, thoughts, way to change and dress their dolls. The more I look at them, the more love and like that I feel for this dolls.

Economic crisis

Saw it from Mei Ying blog. A better understanding on how the economic crisis happen. Just would like to share around.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ex-housemate gathering

These was my ex-housemate that we live together for 2 years, during our studies at TAR collage at KL. There are 2 more, but they are back at Penang. Most of us stay at KL for work. 1 married to KL. Another one will be marrying to KL end of this year (feel happy for you). The other 2 more are workaholics. Some of them I really haven't meet them for like more then 4 years~! Miss ya~~

We have a nice chat from 8pm to 11pm, but couldn't finish in chatting on everyone's life. Time was getting late and we have to get home.

Hope to attend this kind of gathering more often~~ miss you all la ~!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Animal handphone charms

Do they look adorable? This was an idea that I was thinking for a while, but didn't have time to do them. I hand painted them with arylic paint in both sides. One side with pattern: hearts or polka dots and one side with words. I love adding some beads, pearls, flowersstars and pompom to form this cute handphone charm.

My favourite will be the polka dot porcupine charm with forest theme. I love how it blends with the flowers bead, leaf bead and the mushroom charm.

They are available for sale at my shop.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sakura Pencil Case Custom Order

Finally completed the custom order for 2 sakura pencil case. I find that I am more use to sewing zippers now. She wanted her name and some wording on the pouch. I have hand stamped them at fabrics and sew them on the pencil case. Quite a challenging task to sew the side of the name label. But it end up looking great.

My next plans are learning to sew bags~~

Saturday, March 07, 2009

FAA Lucky Parcel: Tea Time

Remember the mini bao I made? They are for this Tea time swap.

Here is what I received:

First package: some goodies of fabrics, gift tags, charms, buttons and a tea pot plate. So cute

More to come, I'm looking at the mail box everyday, waiting them to arrive.

Some of my readers do ask me about swaping. Well I join swap-bot for swapping. The is a private swap where you require both a swap-bot account and a flickr account. I love swaping here because they control the quality of the swappers. Here is one of the FAA lucky parcel swap. Every swap have it own theme or colors.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Searching myself

I just denied to myself from buying a pretty cheap kawaii clear stamps online.

Sometimes I just need to sit down, and really think what crafts should I be very into. Else everything will be just "half bucket" in every area.

Here are the crafts that I played:
- Sewing (I love them, but some times just to lazy to take out and keep them everytime I do projects)
- Carving stamps (I guess the cheapest cost among them all, just that everytime after doing one, I will have a backache)
- Felting (I have a bag of felt wool that I don't really know how to use it, sometimes I do sew felt and they are more easy to control compare to fabrics)
- Paper/card making (didn't want to go into too deep, those materials are extreemly expensive)
- Clay (mostly food item, plan to learn miniature, but found its so hard~~ )
- Crochet (seldom crochet, each item takes too long time to finish)
- Beading (seldom do now, i just use to deco my clay jewelleries only)
What else.....?

Still finding which one I love most. Or which should I be more deep into that area....

Thinking... thinking....

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FAA Lucky Parcel Swap: Forest

Waited for quite some time for the forest package. The last one haven't arrive yet.

I love the green and brown dots trims and the green trees trims the most. She even give me feathers on this parcel.... thinking what am I going to do with them ~~

Another package arrive several days back. I love the bird nest the most~~ simply too cute.

I love swapping with this group. They are alot of surprise from overseas ~~


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Elegant white accesories

Couldn't resist on getting these beautiful items. They looks so sweet and temping. Ended up I brought 3 of them.

This is my favorite among the others.

I like this too, the pink beads is inside the heart shape charms match with light pastel green beads~~ beautiful. I kinda love pastel colors nowadays.
This mushroom is so cute, although it have some scratches (not a perfect) one, but it still so lovely.

Monday, March 02, 2009

First Blythe Friendly Freckles

Finally, finally, finally. I got my very first Blythe - Friendly Freckles

I first saw her when my friend was at Taiwan at end of the year. She was a hot item for pre-orders that time. 2nd time saw her at xl-shop newsletter, selling RM498. I just gave up as the price was quite high. But I would like to have a quick peak on the real doll. And finally ended up at Graffiti Toy shop. I was abit suprise that Friendly Freckles is the same price as Prima Doll Aubrena, which is RM350.

At saturday, I finally decided to grab her as she was at RM350. Although it wasn't my dream doll (I like a Blond, gold, brownish hair doll), but she her price was reasonable. Much more cheaper then getting them at Taiwan or online. The selling price in Japan was 11,340 yen.

Here is her inside the box.

She is just so adorable. I finally understand why people are crazy of this doll. She is so beautiful in her every shot of picture. She have a cute headphones. Wearing a polkadot sweatshirt, shorts, socks, boots, and even underwear. They include a stand in the package too.

Finally manage to get her out of the box. Too many stickers inside the box. Her head is quite heavy. So she cannot stand alone without the stands. Finally manage to take out all her accesories. My housemate help me in wearing her socks.

She have 4 different colors of eyes. Blue, orange, green and light pink. Every eyes have her own expression. I love her blue eyes the most.

She cannot sit by her own. So I have to put boxes at the back of her. Her hair is abit messy. I search from my finding and ended up pined her hair with this star pin.

Overall, I never regret on buying her back. She is such a beautiful girl to me. Gonna learn to sew her clothes so she have a variety to choose from.

Kawaii Wrislet Pouch

I finally cut my kawaii fabric and make this super cute Wrislet Pouch. I have a bad habit of taking out those fabric collection that I have, admiring them for a while and then put it back to my storage.One of my favorite is this Blue Bear Wrislet Pouch. It has this cutest little print with letters, bees, bear, baby deer, and cute little houses with sayings. The fabric is in pastel light blue. Omg my favorite color. I love inner fabric is in pastel pink gingham fabric.

I have made a matching swingable wrist strap plus a detachable spring clip hook.

This is available for sale. Grab one now at my shop!

Here are some lovely design of my collections. They are all available for sale too.

Heart Duckling

It's been quite a while that I didn't carve stamps. One day last week, I found a cute duckling picture from a ang pow (red packet). I made some adjustment to the duck by holding a heart instate of a pencil.

It took be an hour to finish her. And I found very exhausted carving her. Maybe my skills drop after such a long time never carve.

Seens I am stamping them at fabric, I stamp some other patterns to the fabric. I have ideas on my mind, just that I haven't have time to do it. Now I need to prepare my custom orders for the sakura pencil case.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Valentine chocolates

Finally I just open my valentine chocolates this morning, which I mention at my valentine dinner post . I was sick for the pass 2 weeks and dare not touch those chocolates.

It was actually a surprise gift from TS. He never give me flowers nor chocolates in valentines day. Because he feel not value for money. And flowers will die soon. I smile from my heart when he ask me to search from his bag for this chocolate. I was very happy that day.


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