Wednesday, April 29, 2009

lacey day

It seem like I can't stop buying lace. This time I hunt for cotton lace. First I would want to add it on my bag/pouch making. Second I would like to add them on my dolls dress.

Some that I brought last week, some are from my collection, some are from swaps. I just love them.... Hope to see them on my next collection of bags. Else my container will not be able to close (too full

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mobile phone case and card swap

Was addicted in sewing this colorful mobile phone pouch at the weekends. See how many of them I created just at a beautiful sunday. I love to match the inner fabric with the exterior fabric, buttons and the ribbon to suit each pouch. For more closer look on each pouch, visit the shop and get them before it runs out.
NNC card swap that I made. Got inspiration from my previous birdly lace necklace that I make. After I completed I was wondering to post it or not? To remake or not? Thinking will it be too colorful? Will it be too messy?? What do you think?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you want a donut?

Sorry that I didn't post the donuts earring sooner (I dragged for a week long, phew~ ). Here are some of my new donuts, earring donuts. You can get them at here.What is your favorite donut? Mine... Still chocolate. I remember my boss was asking us what favour of donut do we want. And we all answer chocolate. This time the whole box of donuts was chocolate favour, just different type of chocolate.

New packaging for the donuts earring, it looks so sweet with the dolly papers~~ I love them. I think I stick to this design for earrings until I think of a better one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Massage, nightlife and shopping at Bangkok

Do not trust those tuk tuk driver. There is a massage shop just beside our hotel, but the tuk tuk drivers parking beside of the hotel insist that we try this massage shop. He claim the price is the same 400baht per 2 hours. But he wants 60 Baht (3 person) for a round trip of tuk tuk to the massage shop. We ask why we want to spend extra 60 Baht according to him, it is more professional. Well, here we are. The shop really looks more proffesional, but we got con by the tuk tuk driver. It was not 400 baht per 2 hour, it is 700 baht for normal Thai massage. Omg~~

Well, the sales girl seems like know that we are complaining of the price of the massage, she did a discount - 500 Baht per person since we have 6 person in a group.
The massage seassion was quite ok, but I don't really understand why they focus much on my legs and my hand. I need massage on my back the most. It was very comfortable. I slept in there until she press my ankle. I do not know how she press, it was so so painful. I told her that I have hurt my ankle before. She said she help me to massage it, but the more she massage, the more painful feel.

Massage in Pattaya is a bit cheaper then Bangkok. I experience Thai Herbal Massage in Pattays for 600Baht. It use some herbal wrap and steam it until it is very hot and put it on your body. It is so relaxing.

If you are looking for cheap source of clothers and accesories(for ladies), do visit this platinum fashion mall. It give you wholesale price if you buy more then 3 item and above.

night market is a place that you can visit at night. . The stores open after 9pm and there are security guard helping them to open road for those hawker to push their store to their location. This road is famous for those sex show and those prositution. There are alot people asking for those sex show, just ignore them.

Japanese street, alot of girls dress up in uniform to attract those mens wondering down the road. It is a very happening street.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blythe dress #3

Sorry for the bad lighting, I took the picture at evening time. This was the 3rd dress that I make. Anyone wants donut??

She is so lucky that I made her new clothers, brought her new shoe and treat her donuts. I should take her to the sun to take picture. This picture looks dark...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wat Pho

After the visit to the Grand Palace, we stop by and visit Wat Pho. It is famous for its Reclining Buddha. It is something like sleeping buddha at Penang. But I think this is bigger. The temple itself have it's own structure style and it is different from the sleeping buddha temple in Penang.

See how big was the foot itself~!! The foot is full of shell-like craving of buddha's. Beautiful

Beside the Reclining Buddha, there is 101 bowl and you can change for coin and put those coins insdie each bowl.

There are several funny giant stone statue in the temple. The statue looks like abit france statue, don't you think so??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pouch, pencil case, donuts~~ I'm productive!

I am productive last weekend. Manage to finish all my custom orders and made some new stuff. All because TS when to Kota Kinabalu for hiking the hill and I have all my time for myself.

My latest collection of the pencil case range is these Matryoshka (Russion Dolls) and Japanese Dolls.
The russian dolls are just so cute. With cats and mushrooms in row. And my favourite color, it is in pink~~!!

Another pencil case that I did was with these japanese dolls fabric. If you like them, you can have them at here.

Custom order for a customer. She want a big She wanted a big pencil case. I think it so big that I can put most of my cosmetic inside. Able to store a Scientific calculator inside too.

I made an extra cosmetic pouch for sale too (with pink polka dot linning)~~ I kinda start to love fabrics in bright red color. Plan to do a tote bag with this fabric too.
I tried to make some blythe dress too. I manage to make one and my housemate manage to make one. But I haven't take her out for shoting (I'm too bored on my home view). Promise will snap some picture soon.
Arrange of craft materials and found I have so many buttons. My storage box was burst~ Can't fit them all. I'm selling of some of them. Please visit here if you are interested to purchase them. I have some tiny flower buttons and some animal fancy button for sale.

WIP: Donuts delight ~~ Still waiting them to dry up completely~~ I have done a custom order for donuts too. Since I start dirty my hand with those clay. I might wise make some more in 1 shot.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Food at Thailand

Thailand is famous for good food. Friends told me that mostly their things are quite good. We have no idea what or where to eat. What we do is go to those restorans which have penty of customer.

I notice local people usually drinks plain water. Almost every restoran we go, there will prepare this type of drinking water in bottle. I think they recycle the bottle after using it.

This was our first dinner at Thailand. It was a open air hawker stall cooking dishes. We decided to have a try when we notice there are some crowds on the stalls. This is our favourite - Pork slice with sauce. This taste so good. It consist of thin meat and fat meat in 1 slice of meat. Very tasty. We ended up order 2 plates...

Mango salad~~ my favorite. But sometimes Thai food will be abit spicy.

We ordered tomyam. We told them a little bit spicy. Ended up no one can drink the tom yam soup except TS. It was a clear tom yam but I can't understand why there are so spicy.

The was the lunch we ate at floating restoran on the way back from Ayutthaya. Papaya salad - not as good as mango salad.

Green curry of the left and coconut seafood on the right. Actually I eat these back at Malaysia from those Thai Restoran. The cocount seafood dish is actually like otak otak (fish paste). Yummy, yummy... I love otak otak.

McDonalds in Thailand. TS say must try item is Pork Burger. Something that we can't find in Malaysia.

There is a Mc Cafe, seperated from the normal Mc Donalds counter.

The set meal is almost the same. Just the price is slightly higher in Malaysia. I notice those things or food which are not produce in Thailand, the price will be high. At the airport. I spotted a meal set of Burger King can cost from 180 Baht to 300Baht (That's way too expensive just for fast food)

Here is how the pork burger looks like.

Some dessert that TS have during our trip to Pattaya. The chicken taste quite good.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thailand Grand Palace

After the trip to Ayutthaya, we headed back to Bangkok to visit the Thailand Grand Palace. Take note that you cannot wear short pants and skirts. In front of the entrance, they will ask you why didn't wear long pants, then tell you cannot go in. I got my jeans long pants in my bag, so we showed them and they just let us in. Actually if you don't have long pants, you after the entrance there is a place where you can rent long pants.

Here is the view of the palace after we finish changing our long pants.

Here is the main entrance of the palace. Ticket is 350Baht. Close at 3.30pm. We reach at 3pm. Omg~~ we are just so late. But we manage to wonder around the area until 4.30pm. Best visiting time is at the morning.

Why do we still need to wear long pants where most of the people fold their pants because the palace was FLOOD everywhere after the heavy rain at the afternoon.

The building was impressive. Mostly gold color. Fully decorated with gemstones.

See how bad was the flood, we only manage to take some picture from far. Here is the A mythological giant. It have 4 pairs in 4 different gates.

Miniature model of Angkor Wat (Wondering why got angkor wat at here??)

Some detail shot of the buidings~~

Kinnorn - mythological creature, half bird, half man

The famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Here is the outside of the temple. Photography inside the temple. But I manage to zoom in and snap a picture of the emerald buddha from outside the temple.

The walls are full with drawing. It was the same story when we visit to Cambodia. Cambodia wall story was presented using stone carving while Thailand was painting.Chakri Mahaprasad Hall is the largest of the Grand Palace buildings. The exterior shows a peculiar blend of Italian renaissance and traditional Thai architecture.

Most of the museum was close at 4pm, so we miss some of these areas.

Infront of the grand palace, there are alot of pigeons. There is an old lady there keep on giving you a pack of corns to feed the pigeons. DO NOT take from her. Something we learn, do not take anything from other people. Nothing is free. She forcely give to some of us. Some just put down and ignore her. Another friend just take and feed the pigeons. After feeding the pigeons, she come and ask for money. She was asking for 300Baht for 3 small packs of corn. In a rude and forcing manner. So do not take things from stranger. Especially at those tourist center.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wat/Temple at Ayutthaya

The next day, we went to so historical area at Ayutthaya. (Not sure because TS when to Cambodia, he seems like those historical area). There are alot of Wat (temple)there, we just went to 2 Wat.

This time we just attach with a van driver which his english is not that good. So he can't really explain much to us the historical area. It is around 1 hour drive from Bangkok. I strongly recommend anyone else going to these area need to get a tour guide. Else it will be like us, don't understand much on what is it.

This is Wat Yai Chaimongkon.

On the way in, we saw Doremons?? Why?? Maybe it's a god for wishing babies??

The famous large reclining Buddha in saffron robes in its own ruined wiharn.

Here is how big his feet is. A closer look on his foot, you can see coins stick on top. Without using glue, just press hard on the foot and it will stick (TS coin stick, so he is telling everyone if u stick your coin there, will get good luck~~ )

We brought lotus flower set for prayer on the temple. They will give u some gold paper. We follow what locals do. After praying, we go and stick those gold paper on those buddha. I guess that means good luck.

The buddha are full of gold papers~~
Behind of the praying temple, there is another temple.
There is a huge chedi swathed in golden cloth set in a courtyard which is lined by Buddha images all wearing saffron robes.

This is Wat Mahathat. It is a large temple that was quite thoroughly ransacked. There are rows of headless Buddhas are atmospheric.

This is also where you can spot the famous tree that has grown around a Buddha head.


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