Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNY 1st day wear Green

Yesterday TS call and ask me to buy green shirt for him. He say the fung shui master ask him to buy. I though was the Kluang Fung Shui master but it was an article from online Newspaper -

For guys, I just saw PDI selling green polo T-shirt, 1 for RM39, 2 for RM59.





Brief Translation
1st day of Chinese New Year, rat, rabbit, horse and roster zordic not suitable to wear red color dress, instate green color will be more prosperity.

Specific green color will have best effect - such as dark green, apple green and color of green beans

Other zordic can wear red or orange color because this represent gold color, and it will increase wealth

I was thinking, how true is this article. Why must I follow wearing green? So I look up on the article again I found both the master name "You Long Zi and Shen Zi Long" (游龙子和金子龙) that say so I googled them. Eh~~ suprisingly they have some articles online and there are master of the temple in Singapore. I even saw a website about the FORTUNE PROCESS OF 12 SYMBOLIC ANIMALS IN THE YEARS OF 2008 (MOUSE) and I have check my animal - Roster.

So I guess I need to wear GREEN for the 1st day of CNY. If you don't really like green, you can wear a green underwear or accesories. As long as you wear green color on your body on the 1st day of chinese new year will help.

Have a look, maybe it will change your whole year luck.

Dec 2007 & Jan 2008 Swaps

Here are some that I sent and receive on the December last year and January this year.

Items that I SENT

handmade gift for you
I create this sock toy for my partner as I know she love to create sock monkey. Its very easy to complete and I love to add accesories on the socks body.

Yummy! Kawaii Matchbox Swap
This is what I did for my partner. Don't know she receive or not. I Make her a matchbox using Japanese hawker stall food with kawaii characther from a wrapping paper. Included some stickers, plasters, gift box. Hope she will like it

Items that I RECIEVED

1st pic: Ribbons from a friend that her BF brought for her at US, she ask me to take some, but I just cut some that I love only.
2nd pic: deco tape #2
I love the yellow bear ribbons from her.

Yummy! Kawaii Matchbox Swap
I think I got in love with Kawaii Food stuff. There are so cute. Especially the tofu matchbox that she did for me.

This coin purse have lovely prints on it.

Kwik and Kawaii Zippered Pouch Swap #2
Love the pinky rabbit or bear which I now use to put my cosmetics.

handmade gift for you
The worst swap I ever recieve. I don't like this at all. The so call "dotee doll" she made I do not like. And the felt coin purse doesn't look that good.

Such a long post for swaps, I guess I have made too much swap these month. One thing I learn from the swaps are do QUALITY swaps rather the QUANTITY swaps. Some swap are not recieving what you like. Some swaps are flakes. Like the I Want Coinpurse Swap, I have 2 flake among 3 swaps. Flakes out there, you will receive bad karma on cheating like this.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chinese New Year Present for TS child

From my previous post, I have posted we adopt 2 children from World Vision. Mine is from Mongolia and Ts is from China. I have sent my kid a christmas card during christmas, but not for TS child. So he keep on bugging me, when I am going to send his child a present? Aiya~ that is your child, why am I the one that is writting to your child? I seems like a secretary to TS.

He ask me to sent her color pensel's, as my house still have a brand new 12 color pensels, but she is only 4 years old, I think crayon will be more suitable for her.

After some shopping, finally got this Hello Kitty coloring book for her. The hello kitty seems like very big and more suitable for crayon coloring. As she looks very tomboy on her picture, TS wish her to be a bit girlish. So here we go, the Hello Kitty coloring book is sent to her as an "Ang Pow" to her. We are prohibited to sent cash to the sponsor child. I hope she will be please. Adding one more Chinese New Year card to her.

Postage was quite expensive. RM10++ for postage and register post. But this is safer as there are some case that those gifts got lost.

My other post on sponsor a child: Child 2007 annual report, Letter for china, World Vision Sponsor a Child.

Cream cream deco 奶油装饰

Finally I manage to try this out. As I written on my previous entry - cakes, cookies accesories that I wanted to try this out. This is my latest craft that I made, yummy icing cream accesories. I have learn from a friend blog, which is Tako-evan blogs. She have detail instruction how to make it. We saw alot of Japanese girls are creating these cream accessories as keychain, handphone acccesories and even collectable items. My next goal is to create strawberrys and chocolate to add on my creams. And even 2 bisket cookies and some cream in the middle.

This is the initial state on creating the yummy creamy icing (奶油装饰) ~ Its very easy to do, guess I have talent on doing icing because most of my cream are sucessful.

Played too much, got addicted and created some funny creation, i even the love shape creamy icing.

Just attach the hook on the cream cream b4 it starts to dry. Attach the handphone string on it and here is it, a cream cream handphone accesories is create.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sakae Sushi

Sakea Sushi is on of our favorite sushi shop when we go The Curve. Because the price is kinda cheap compare to other sushi shops. The salmon is only RM1.90 per plate and salmon are my favourite. I always ask TS, lets go to the green frog shop to eat sushi.

Well the shop is quite high tech, we can order food online thru a computer. All foods are at there. Just click and add to food cart and within minutes, the waiters will serve you your food. Simple and easy. Green Tea we need to pour hot water ourself and every table have its own hot water supply.

I was not eating that day, because I just recover from my rashes. I just try to keep away from seafood. So I was busying taking photos on what TS is eating. I personally love the salmon sushi, unagi sushi, soft shell crab roll, itako ebiko the most. Well TS just love itako the most. He can have alots of plate during those japanese buffet.

Its a good shop to try, you can eat very full, at the same price at other sushi shop, we can only eat half full only.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Birdy on the wire

Look at the electric wire at the road side at Salak South, saw a bunch of small birds standing there. Sleeping and resting I guess. They looks so cute. Whole road about 200m and more the birds are standing like this.

Chinese new year is coming and there are alot of red lanterns on the road side. Maybe because the lights make us more notice the birds are actually there.

Long queue at LRT

Today when I reach the LRT at Wangsa Maju, I was so shock. Such a masive long queue at the train platform. People need to line up until the other end of the platform. I told myself, this time die already. Sure late for work.

I decided to take the train to Terminal putra and come back. U know what, they force us to go down at Terminal putra and wait for the train. Dam it.

Today's journey is very far ~ 15 minutes train journey ended up into 45 minutes journey.

4th anniversary

Today is my 4th anniversary dating with TS. Horray~~
Its a long journey and we have overcame ups n downs together.
He have gave me a 莲花天珠 and I have gave him a belt.

I found this poem which is meaningful:
What's an anniversary?
But love forever growing,
And the love of two hearts
Fondness, forever showing.

What's an Anniversary wish?
But a sweet sentiment so true,
And the sentiment within this
Is sent along, for you two.

Through your years together,
May love always ever bestow,
Your fondness for one another,
And may your love ever grow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

drawing of my name

When I was back at my hometown, I was busying packing on my stuff, as there is a massive renovation going on at my home. My dad decided to re-do the floors and there walls. So I have to pack everything on boxes so they feel easy and moving my things up and down.

Found this note book, which I use during my collage time. A neighbour draw about my name that time to me. Felt nice, I know that guy have some good thoughts on me, cause you know, a guy won't treat a girl so good unless there is something fishy going on. He always give me cheese cakes, cookies after he come back from his part time work. Its quite fun that time.

Finally throw the notebook but manage to snap a picture of it. Its very old and have small spots on it.

Stomach ache

Don't know is what I eat, or have I eat too much Vit C, I keep on going to toilet and makes my stomach ache.

I been eating tuna with bread and I think there is something wrong with the tuna.

And the company internet is so slow. Even surf online is such slow :(

But thank God they declare tomorow is a holiday. Rest day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

half recover from sick

Until today, I'm not completely recover from my sickness, but at least all the red spots have gone down and I won't feel itchy.

This was my hand on the 3rd day, seems like the small red spots are combain into one red patch or red area. my hand seems like swollen and it become big.

All the red spots gone down on the 6th day, which is today, and I start work today.

Its quite of tried and I still feel my whole lips, nose are very dry, no matter how much water I take, I still feel dry. There are redness on my eyes too. I couldn't wear my contact lenses yet.
There are alot of things that I couldn't eat. Eg: seafood, chickhen, nuts, eggs. All I can eat is bread, porriage, vegetable, fish, rice. My mum even ask me to not to eat those dark colors stuff, such as black soya sauce.

This was what my bf cook for me during my 5th day of lunch. Porriage + steam fish. Yummy. Althought it doesn't looks good, but it taste good, but not the porriage. Porriage is tasteless :(

I hope I can fully recover soon, as Chinese new Year is coming soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Red spot

This is bad. Yesterday I woke up and this red dots appear on my whole body and today it appear more in my hand and legs. my whole body is full of red rashes and my face have this too. Looks dam ugly. What happen to me??

I have this before when I was at college and higschool, but why it come out now?

Its a bit itchy, but mybody is better now comparing to my hand. It seems to move away from my body to my legs and hand.

Sigh~~ when can I recover soon? I'm been at home 2 days and I cannot go out anywhere.

I have been drinking alot of water and suppliments.
Muticarotene 8 daily
Vit C and E 12 each daily

Hope to recover asap as CNY is coming soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

valentine gifts, lover gifts, birthday gifts, baby gifts

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Basket gifts picture are for illustrative purpose only. Please email me and I will quote the price for you. Or leave your contact on the comments and I will get back to you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Refashioned T-Shirt High Waist Skirt

Nowadays these high waist skirt is very popular this days. Almost alot places got sell this skirt. Even some Taiwan fashion show will introduce this dress for shorter girls as you will see them higher when wearing this.

Here is an DIY technique where you could transform for old T-shirt to one fashionable skirt. Too bad I don't have a sewing machine. Else I could retro my old Shirt.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ann Ying Wedding Dinner

Ann Ying Wedding was at 2007 December, I finally got the picture from my high school mates that attend the wedding.

This is what I snap-shot from the wedding car. People will usually have couple wedding bears plush in front of the car, but this bride have Doremon wedding plush in front of her car. Something special. Like this also can. But Angelia told me she love doremon seens she was in high school. I didn't know that.

I know Ann ying when we are the same class in form 4. Me, Angelia Teoh, Ann Ying, Gaik Mei, Elizabeth, Ming ming - we sit around in together that year. And our friendship grew strong that year. We even call each other as foster sisters (god sister). But time flyies and those bond got more and more loose. I still rememeber that year I was the class monitor and they help me alot on this position for the class. I don't know why my classmate choose me as class monitor, maybe I was too good to be buli.

We were late. Because I help Angelia to put her make up on. But she and her bf fetch me to the wedding. Without them, I couldn't go too. :) We arrive late, later then the bride and groom. They are already eating. No place for us to sit and we join a stranger group of her USM friend, but I still know a gal which she is from our high school.

The food at Tanjung Country Club is still not bad. Remembering that last one was bad, but it was 2 years ago. I guess they change cook.

Here is a picture with our ex-pcghs high school friends photo. It seems like a ex schoolmate reunion rather then a wedding to me. HAHA. But that the most lovely thing I like when I attend someones wedding, will get to see back those old friends.

Here is the group picture with the bride and the groom.

We accompany here until the very end and we get to have pictures with her at the end. Poor bride, need to drive back herself to her home.

Happy Wedding and I wish you to have a new born baby the coming year.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chyi from Japan visit KL

Lee Chyi was back to Malaysia and she came to KL past saturday. Seen I don't have enough time to meet her at night, I made our appoitment earlier at the morning 11am. But guess what again. I set my alarm clock to 8.30PM instate of 8.30AM because I know I sure drag alot when wanting to get up. But I didn't manage to wake up 8.30am but 9.30am. Rush rush rush and finally got to Time square LRT at 11.30pm. Half an hour late.

Seen Lee Chyi is meeting another friend at 12noon, so we decided to wait for her friend.

Lee Chyi got more lady look more seen she straighten her hair. She have one type of pattern on the way she speak and her body language. I haven't seen her for almost 8 year after we leave form 6 half way. I know her thru Wan Yuan at Form 6 and we spend only 2-3 months knowing each other only. Although we are at the same school for 5 years.

She always is in the top class. After Form 5, She got Malaysian Scholarship to Japan for her studies.

I got her gift from Japan, Cotton Time Jan 2008 issue. The book introduces the handmade zakka patterns for Winter. Linen, Felt, Crochet, etc. A Variety of Projects of Cute Handcrafted Goods with Full-Scaled Patterns. The magazine comes with 2008 Calender. I just ask her to buy from me from Japan as it is cheaper RM20 compared if I buy from local stores here. But she was too generous and give me as a gift. Thanks Lee Chyi. Here are some parts of the magazine that I love most.

I know one of Chyi friend which is her housemate from Japan, called 莉盈. She is currently back in KL and in a process of finding a job. 莉盈 is a nice, Quiet yet elegant lady. Chyi highly recommend her as a friend. She have special interest. Wearing sarung at home. Usually modern people in KL don't wear sarung. She even wear at Japan when she live with Chyi.

We even meet Chyi sister, which is also my sister friend when we have lunch.

Chyi is a friend that talks not fashion, not makeup, but business, financial, ecomonical, personal goals, good opportunity...

We manage to snap a picture before I left because I have a seminar at 3pm.
1st picture: Me, 莉盈, Lee chyi
2nd picture: Me, 莉盈, Lee chyi's sister

Cakes, cookies accesories

Saw it on a daily blog today, these is so cute and yummy. Makes people want to go eat more.

They are using the icing for baking cakes to do the trick. Hope to do want, but not sure what are the materials use. Hope Evangelione will have a tutorial on how to make this.

more pictures in Evangelione's Handmade

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

christmas Wrapping papers and gift tag

Its after christmas and all christmas item are on sale. I guess all clearing stock. I got 3 wrapping papers (5 meter, 5 meter, 4 meter) and 8 gift tag for only RM17 from mark spenser KLCC. I always have a difficulty to wrap baby cloths (currently alot of friends is giving birth) as they require more the 1 normal size wrapping paper.

Only the 1st red color wrapping paper will need to wait until the next christmas, but the 2 more able to use anytime.

Think I no need to buy wrapping papers this year any more.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Another friend got married again

More and more of my friend is getting married. Here is my high school friend - siew heng, which is my st john ambulance society group leader from high school.

She got more prettier, I guess:)

I love her chinese tradisional dress and this photo looks cute. More towards daily life photo rather then modeling photo. The chinese dress looks sexy yet elegant.

More photo on her wedding website.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles amigurumis

This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles amigurumis look extremely cute ~~ Thanks for Blog Love 3 Swap I got which my partners melydia blog on her blog this cute ninja turtle knit. She blogs alot of interesting stuff too.

I know how to knit, but did't know how to knit amigurumis. I think its time to have a try.

SPAM page

Today morning, I was wanting to search something back on my blog, but when I access to my blog keep redirecting to a "SPAM page" from advertlets.

After I remove my advert for advertlets, it become back to normal.

Does this mean that advertlets side is been hack?

Saturday, January 05, 2008


I have join this swap - I want Coin Purse . Here is the coin purse that I have sent. But now only the pink cat is recieve by ozrob. Another one which I sent to Pensivenga is coming back to me without any reason and I'm going to re-sent to her. Another one which is sent to Cristina, I think it is lost at the mail or some how missing and she gave me a rating of 1:( So sad. Couldn't maintain the 5 overall rating.

I swear that I have post all items, but not sure why she have not receive it.

But some case I saw at swap-bot is they receive the item, yet claiming not recieve it.

But at least I did what I can, just leave God to decide. As long as I'm sincere to myself that I have sent the items.

I only recieve one coin purse swap from 1 of my partner (I will upload the image later), the coordinator Sonii is one of my swap partner - she didn't even sent to me yet. And another one is a flake.

This is the worst swap I ever had.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Base coat for nail

I love colors, I love myself to be colorfull. So I have a habbit on coloring my nails. Seens last time I brought quite a number for nail polish at Pasar Malam, 3 for RM5 for just testing on the nail art. But I'm too lazy to do the nail art but yet I still will color my nails.

Those Pasar Malam nail polish are not so good in quality. After 2 weeks I remove the nail polish, I will see yellowlish spots on my nails. Not sure it is cause because I use low quality nail polish or not. But one thing not good about those pasar malam nail polish is it is very hard to apply on my nails. Cannnot evenly spread the colors on my nail. This problem won't happen if I use those more expensive nail polish. You no need to be an expert to color your nail with expensive nail polish. How ugly you paint your nails, it will be smooth enough.

My friends encorange me to use base coat before applying nail polish. Saying it won't hurt my nails or have those yellowish color. So I tried with my base coat. Suprisingly I found that after applying base coat, those pasar malam nail polish that I apply become very smooth and very easy to apply. Which is very good. The base coat not only protect my nails, but also make my nail painting process more easy.

This week I have pink color for my fingers and Black color for my toes. I want to have black colors on my hands, looks punk. But doesn't look professional and doesn't look good on business functions.

Try to have lighter colors of nail polish on hands and you can have daring colors on your toes. This is my nail philosophy.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Medical Checkup

Do you do an annually medical checkup? Check on your body, blood, liver... etc?

I think is a must, at least 1 year once. But because I do apply a medical card which comes with a coupon for the medical checkup, that why for the pass 3 years, every year I sure go.

I finally manage to do my medical checkup end of the year, before the coupon expire. The report came out today and I have collected it at lunch time.

Seems everything is ok. Normal. Expect the Hepatitis B immune is getting low. I remember last time when I was young, I have that injection before. But for the pass 3 years the report is saying to ask me to go for Hepatitis B injection. Is it a must? How much is per injection?

Planning not apply the medical card any more, so no free medical checkup coupon. Mine medical checkup recently cover 33 types of check up. I saw the price, around RM 150- RM200. Any one have good sugguestion on other medical checkup which have reasonable price??

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quality Chinese New Year Hampers For Sale 2008

Chinese New Year Date: 7th – 8th February 2008

Hamper price starting from RM168 [Get a basket of Mandarin Orange for FREE!* ].
Economical pack hamper starting from RM48.80 only.

Hamper items available: Skylight Abalone, Yee Sang, Chicken Essence, Shiitake Mushroom Prosperity Cookies, Bird's Nest, Red Wine, Sparkling juices, cookies and snacks.*

Hamper picture are for illustrative purpose only. Please contact us for the actual catalog and pricing. Or leave your contact on the comments and I will get back to you.

Free Delivery for selected Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur areas. Best Order before 15th Jan 2008. Orders after 15th Jan 2008 please contact us first if possible.

* Terms and Condition: The decorative accessories shown on the hamper are for illustrative purpose only. We reserve the right to replace or substitute any item(s) with similar value in the hamper subject to product availability. Free Mandarin Orange basket are not applicable for economical pack hamper.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Didn't go anywhere to count down this year, but count down on my condo to see fireworks from my 17th floor condo. It was nice, but I think going to the spot to see fireworks is more nicer. But really lazy to stuck on the jam on people and the roads for countdown. Moreover the weather is not as good as it sudden rain.

Its a new year amd usually we will set our new year resolution. Whats your new year resolution? Mine? Let me rearange 1st.


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