Monday, March 31, 2008

Teppan-Yaki @ Pavilion KL

This was the very delicious Teppan-Yaki at Pavilion KL. How I know it is delicious, because TS when there eat before the Chicken Teppanyaki. It taste delicious, very different from those we eat from Mr Teppanyaki or Teppanyaki at KLCC or at Jusco Wangsa Maju.

I was near by today during lunch time. Was considering and consider to eat this Teppanyaki or the Oyster Mee Sua (Too small bowl, not full enought). But finally I choose teppanyaki.

Here is what they serve-2 types of vegetable and the main course (beef with garlic and peapper sause), rice, and soup (soup taste very good too). I can tell you, its very delicious. And you know why it is serve on the hot plate like this - to keep it hot.

Anyone going to Pavilion next time can have a try. But abit expensive compare to those normal Teppanyaki, its RM14.70 plus Tax.

Crafty area

I always wish I have a place to put my crafty materials, my sewing machine, a table to work. Something just like this - craftsty closet, like this, this, this, or like hellokittygirl . I'm not a greedy person, I just want a small room or place to just put my thing and can use directly where I no need to take our everything for just doing 1 small craft. Don't know TS will give me a small store room or a small place for our new house in future??

Saturday, March 29, 2008

hit on my head

Knock on the left hand side of my forehead twice this week. Ouch....!! ~~

1st was when I was taking my thing at my friends car booth, when I open the booth, don't know how it just hit on my head. I thought it was just nothing, but when I makeup in the next morning, when I press the loose powder on to my foreheads, its aches.

2nd time was I open the door and it just hit my head. Because the car was park slighty senget abit, then when I open the door, it directly just hit on my head, and the worst part it was hit around the same place when I was hit the 1st time.

Abit headache after the hit, even a slight touch will cause pain. Really long time no hit head. I just remember those days when I hit my head was those days in Kindegarden.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Old/ New PC

On my previous post, I start talking about my new company's lifestyle. Well, after cleaning my photos, I found one a picture of my ex-company computer. Just post it up and share as a memory.

This is my old PC at my previous company:

This is the NEW one which I think its allsome.

Remembering my 1st computer at WNS was totally sucks. Old old and lesser storage, monitor size, even no CD rom.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2nd try on my sewing machine

Yesterday was my 2nd attempt on the sewing machine, but no luck on sewing nice things.

I have brought a new book with template patterns, but don't know how to trace it to my cloth. Do I need to tracing paper or how?? So headache.

So I just play around with those old fabric and manage to sew a cushion, but it was too ugly to show on here. I also manage to sew a casing for my umbrella. Pink one. That one also abit "cacat". But yet still usable. I have it on my bag now.

I wanted to sew bags, I can just stumble upon this website that teach how to sew a boxy pouch tutorial.

Cute isn't it. But this tutorial is without linning, I want the pouch with inner linning.

Felt are very nice too, but its kinda expensive compare to normal fabric and its real hard to find it here too. This Ai the alien tutorial is also a cute one, maybe thing to change to using fabric rather then felt.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fortune Telling

Went to fortune telling last Saturday. The shop opens at 10-10.15am, guess what we reach before 8am at the morning just to wait the shop to open.

TS told me that we need to go early for the fortune telling, until 11am++ will finish. I was wondering why furtune telling need so much time to do. But I was wrong. Going there early was to make sure we can finsh early at 11am, the process was quite fast for 1 person, new comers are like 5-10 minute and those regular customers some could be as fast as less then 5 minites.

That sifu was using tarot cards as he ask me choose a tarot card, saying that he could calculate my future.

He have told me that my working career is good, but better if I go into business. I asked could I have art or crafts for my business, he say yes. I was glad. Meaning that I could make my crafts hobbies as business in future. :) He also say that my future husband will buy house and car for me. (Really??) My future husband will be loyal to me. (my current bf is a loyal guy, does he mean he will be my future husband) ... But he say those 3 horoscope that will treat me very good as a future husband doesn;t match with TS.:( And he say I very scaried of theft. (Yeah, its true that I very scared for theft when I walk at the road side)

He have advise me to go add this 3 things:
- Blue crystal - I brought from sifu shop
- Lime Tree

- 八仙图 (Picture of the 8 god)

Where can I find the Lime Tree and the Picture of the 8 god?? Any cheap resources?? The shop sell quite expensive. The picture of the 8 god is RM30 and the artificial lime tree was around RM100.

I walk out, half believe, half suspect.

The sifu was a famous Sifu and I heard he did his fortune telling for quite a number of famous people (TS told me those famous people name, but I forgotten already)

You can visit the shop, open Monday to Saturday, from 10am.
Pu Xian Buddhist Misson
Lot G38, Wisma MPL,
Jalan Raju Chulan,
50200, Kuala Lumpur

FAA lucky parcel: White & Pink (Received)

This was my only swap for Febuary, yesteday I received my last lucky parcel and I guess to share it among all. I have my FAA lucky parcel: White & Pink swap early as I have prepare way long ago. Maybe it was the 1st time and I was excited. This swap is my favourite swap for now. As I could get different materials and goodies that for my sewing.

Here are the 3 lucky parcel that I received

1st lucky parcel I recieved from linhasebolinhos.

2nd lucky parcel I recieved from jek in the box

3rd lucky parcl I recieved from islegrl

Thanks gals for all the goodies that you sent to me. They was extremely lovely.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Nearly got hit

Today morning I was waiting for my collegue to open the door for me to work. As he was trap in a traffic jam, I have to find somewhere to have my breakfast and somewhere that I can lepak.

When I was crossing the road. I look on the left, as the car was coming that way, but I didn't look right and I just cross the road. And suddenly a car just flash beside my side, I was just shock and the 2 guys across the road was shock too. The car is just reversing to get a road which I want to go in to.

It is a 1 way road, how can that car just reserve itself? And it just reverse so fast that if I have walk 2 more steps, I will be hit by the car.

Next time remind myself need to look left and right although that is a one way.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Busy holiday and weekends

All my weekends was busy, even the recent thursday was a holiday, yet I was so busy, running here and there.


I was with TS sourcing for new clothers and bags to import to her sister shop at his home town. I can say, doing business is not easy. You need to have the vision to see which pattern or design will the customer buy. What will sell best, what will not. Sometimes, the pattern or design I like and I think it will sell alot, no people interested. But those items I think which is just so so, TS or his sister will say they like it. And sometimes it will sell even more. Funny right? Different people have different view of design and pattern.

TS sister shop is in the only shopping mall at Pontian Kechil Town, Johor. Anyone staying there can go there and have a look. It will be the latest trend in the market. For those friends or anyone interested, can get from me at Kuala Lumpur. I have setup a blog/website named Poupee Collection for the items in the shop. Not every thing is up yet. Will update regulary. I promise

I have another freelance now, called freelance purchaser (TS give the title for me). Me this freelance purchaser sometimes also cannot tahan and keep on buying bags and goodies for myself. I got this 2 for myself and I love them alot.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My sewing machine

Horray~~Finally I brought my sewing machine.

TS told me there is a shop at Sri Rampai selling sewing machine. For a very long long time I wanted one.

The shop got repair and sell sewing machine. The guy promote this sewing machine I got. Model 1116 from Singer. He said is the most non problem machine and they provide me service and sewing lessons. My budget is RM600-700. But later I brought one with RM895. RM200 more over my budget. Hai~ everytime like that.

Was abit regreting when placing the deposit. But was not regareting yet delightful after I got the sewing machine.

I have 19 patterns with my this sewing machine. Another model RM690 is with 7 patterns. Extra RM200 I get 10 more patterns, I think its ok la.

I was amaze that the technology nowadays. I salute the sewing machine. They can really sew. The patterns really attract me alot. I love the 1st row J pattern the most. But too bad it cannot sew the side of the cloth. That another machine.

Here is what I sew yesterday. The zipper part I sew with that Mini Sewing Machine I have until half way, so I continue sewing it. Not that nice, yet I'm happy that I can sew things together now.

Hoping to sew plush and more bags this weekend

Monday, March 17, 2008

craft Book Wish list

Suff online for craft book and magazine today, here are some of my wish list books
1. 是口金包耶!:43個你一定沒見過的口金包

2. 襪ㄟ毛娃娃

3. 橡皮章幸福物語
作者:小間 敬子

Sunday, March 16, 2008



你买了一个新的皮包时,不会有一个人指着你的新皮包说:“你前几天不是刚刚买了个新的吗 ?”

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chocolate dessert @ Chilis KLCC

TS came to KLCC for the 10,000 BC movie. As a reward for me as a good gf - me buying ticket and waited him for the movie. We went for Chili's at KLCC.

I already heard that they serve quite a big plate of serving's in the restoran, so we order 1 main course only. TS order a banana chocolate drink and 1 eyerip steak set, but was quite disappointing that it he order the wrong one, should be rib bones as he say was better. I don't really like steak that much, so I don't really like the main course. The chocolate drink was just so so. We later order chickhen wings but the taste was weird. Even weird when it is with the mayonise cream.

But the most tasty part is this chocolate cake with ice cream.

It is with tons chocolate melted sauce. When we poke on the ice cream, it melted like a vocanno and it taste dam good. The ice cream was in vanilla and it makes the dessert not too strong chocolate taste. Even the cake have chocolate melts from inside. If you are a chocolate lover like me, then you must try this. It's wonderful.

Friday, March 14, 2008

No self making drinks?

As I'm working in a business suite that I mention on the previous post, today morning the secertary girl come and talk to me, saying that I cannot make myself a drink, eg: I cannot take 3 in 1 milo from my house and come to their pantry and make myself the milo. I can do it and they will extra charge it to my boss. Can you believe it??!! Althought they serve tea or coffee to us, but what if I want milo or celeral in the morning. Dam it.

After I drink, I just put it aside and sometimes at the afternoon, it will be abit dry in the cup. The lady told me at wednesday and I remember and I pour some water to the cup on thursday and make sure it won't be too dry to the cup. The "kakak" seems like don't want to talk to me like that. I just want to be friendly but the "kakak" just like don't want to talk. I thought she is just moodly or not in a good mood that day. But you know what, she is mad because I the cup is too dry and hard for her to wash. Else the secertary also will not ask me to soak the cup la.

Its good la, got people serve tea or coffee for u. But not good is that there are so many limitations. "Kakak", if you don't like, mar tell la, no need ask other people to come and tell me one.

If you don't want to wash, I will wash myself.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do you vote?

Do you as a Malaysian vote for the 8/3/2008 election??

I do vote. And I found it interesting, I never got interest on politic nor I like to read newspaper. But after I know I can vote this year (which I didn't vote at 2004 which I was eligible as term of age, but not eligible becoz I did not register to vote), I start to listen more on this topic, read more news or article on Malaysian Goverment and Malaysian Economy. Plus my bf will always update me on these stuff and make me understand more and more.

Most youngster didn't vote. They felt that it is troublesome and many think that, there is no difference for them to vote or not. But for me, I think that if you are a Malaysian, you should not waste your citizenship and to vote for a goverment that helps their peoples, ecomony and developmental of the country. For me, I didn't vote at 2004, so when the price of oil increase, the price of flour increase, you have no rights to critisize or complain on why those increasement on flour and oil. People will complain why there is a number of crime rate increasing and keep on blaming, the 1st person you should blame is yourself as your didn't vote to choose a goverment that can control these area. I do understand that we can't control inflation, but at least somehow we can control the minimum inflation towards the society.

So next coming year, remember to go back to vote. For me, I pay my bus ticket back to Penang. It is just 4 hours drive (actually 6 hours because of the traffic), but I think I have make my part as a citizen and I treat as I am just going back my hometown for a rest. Although the voting process just take 3 minutes, but I think its a good experience for me.

The most exciting part was waiting for the result. Me and my brother (although he is not enough age to vote), was egerly chasing the result on Astro, but thru in the internet, the results was faster. At 7pm saturday, we already knew that the state sits of Penang was taken by the opposition. But Astro seems doesn't annouce it yet. It makes my brother telling me he will register and wait for the next election.

It was shocking that 5 state was fallen to the opposition - Penang, Perak, Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor. But it is just time to change for a better future for Malaysian

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New job

This is my 3rd day in this new office.

Its like a business suite, in a level, there is a secertary area, fax machine and photocopy area, pantry area but inside have more then 10 small small comapanies. I'm with a room with 1 designer and my boss. I'm the only programmer in the office. Sometimes kinda bore because no one is the small room to talk with. Unless I go outside to talk to those ladies.

But one thing good is there is this aunty that serve tea and drink every morning and afternoon. LAst time we need to do ourself, but now got people to serve somemore. The security in the building is quite good. But kinda troublesome sometimes, as I have to scan access card to make the lift move to my level.

There give me a good computer - 19inch lcd monitor, 2G RAM memory and DVD RW player. The 2G ram makes me feel that my computer never hang. Even with those heavy application such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FTP and Windows MEdia Player open together and still will not hang. Thats the most good part. Some more the 19 inch LCD monitor dam good. For my ex-company the RAM was just 256mb and CDROM but I was lucky enough to get a brand new computer with 17 inch lcd monitor. My 1st company was the worst. I forgotten the specs, but definately was an old outdated model. I don't even have a CD-Rom.

One thing good is I can leave at 5.30pm and I got more time for myself at the night. I feel my night time longer compare to leaving office at 6.30pm of my previous company.

Back to work now. Have to complete 1 form before I leave the company today. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

FAA lucky parcel: White and Pink

This is the only post swap I did for Febuary. Matchbox swap doesn't makes to happy or suprise as its a small swap. I collect the theme colors materials from end of last year and I'm looking forward for this swap. This will be my 1st FAA Lucky Parcel Swap.

Sneak preview of the package. I made it from loose plum bloosm flowers and just a simple plastic bag. I want it to feel like Chinese New Year feel.

The actual wrapping of the Lucky parcel

Some items that I included on my lucky parcel.

Hope my partners will love it.

I have only recieve one of 3 swaps only. Waiting ansiously for the other 2.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ressignation Gifts

This company is quite special. Usually in a chinese base company, last day are just having food for everyone. I think chinese like to eat I guess. This is what I get for my previous company. For this company We get a farewell gifts after we resign. Good for that.

Here are the gifts I recieve.
1. chocolates
2. Perlini's Sliver sandle necklance
3. Perlini's sliver love anklet
4. Clinique Happy 3 in 1 roll on perfume

I love the Clinique Happy perfume the most. Maybe MAtt Salleh donated more money for my farewell gift.Hehe...

Friday, March 07, 2008


Today is my last day at my old job and next week I'm starting a new job.
Will miss all the people here, espescially the locals.
Will miss the FREE time here, and 2 hours lunch time here.
Will miss the Nothing TO Do time here

But I know I won't able to improve anything if still staying at here. I will get more lazy and lazy.

Thus I decided to leave.
I know next time I won't be as free as now. Its a good job for those that just need a pay. Plus I cannot see any future with this company. Althought they hire a new guy for marketing, but he seems knows nothing about IT and I'm the one teaching him back. (Cannot blame him, because he is also not in IT line). I would want my life to be something interesting that I could tell my child later.

Wish me luck on my new job that is going to start on coming Monday.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Malaysian Designer cloths

Last Friday as Isetan KLCC sales day. Everytime sales I sure go look look at lunch time and see anything nice to grab.

I kinda got attracted in these Malaysian Designer's artwork

1st is this kawaii skirt with consist of layers of green rabbit and light brown owl pattern. I always wanted to find this fabric, but I saw on Japanese online shopping, 1 meter of these fabric will cost RM30++. This is from Venie Tee.I love her other tops, but I could wear them as it was too big for me. As the skirt is A-line skirt, when I wear it, and a pair of high heels, I will look slimmer. This skirt is RM40 (after discount)

This is Danial Chong's Dress. I love this dress alot. 1st mainly on the printing of the clothers. Look closely as it is not just white color dress, yet it have white pattern of roses on the dress. The fabric of the dress is smooth and its with inner lyning. RM40 for this dress which I think is cheap. There is a black ribbon to tie either your waist or lower bust section. But I think wearing it alone looks good too.

I have tried with my black coat and it looks perfect with the ribbons lying infront of me.

How I wish I can sew like them

Sunday, March 02, 2008

J.Co Donuts & Coffee @ Pavilion

Today we went to Pavilion as TS never go to Pavilion before.

We came aross this long queue infront of J.Co Donuts & Coffee, I was wondering how come the queue can be so long. TS heard that the donuts is very nice. I always see people taking the box of donuts from this shop when ever I visit Pavilion (Pavillion is near to my office, I go window shopping sometimes during lunch time). The queue is like those tgv cinema queue. From the caisher towards outside with jizjag lines until a long line toward outside.

This is queue that I snap-shot from inside the shop.

TS insist to try and line up, for me, I won't do so if I see the queue is so long. I'm a lazy gal and I would come another day, but we line up for the queue as TS seldom come.

Finally we got our donuts.

I love chocolate, choose 2 chocolate, 1 oreo, 1 tiramisu, 1 chocolate with nuts and 1 white chocolate .

Once you bit on those donuts, you will know why the queue is so long. Dunkin Donuts have nothing to fight with these donuts. I try mine chocolate donut. 1st bite the chocolate donut, I can taste the rich chocolate taste. And suprisingly there are some cream inside the donut is self. Not sure whats the cream inside,but its like a mixture of chocolate and coffee. Dam good. RM2.30 per piece for so rich chocolate donuts is worth it.

I have ate 3 on the spot. And TS ate 2. We tapao 1 back home. And because of the tiramisu is cover with cream tiramisu on top, I ate that too, TS no good, didn't help me eat as he say he is too full after drinking his ice-blended coffee.

Maybe because I feel full, when I eat the tiramisu donut, it seems too much for me. Inside the tiramisu donut is full of cream, whipped cream. Makes me want to vomit.

Overall the donuts are great. Loves the chocolate donuts the most. Total bill for 6 donuts are RM10.45.


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